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Year Group 6


TERM Spring

Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyce is to be read over the Christmas holidays

Homework is to be handed in every Monday Morning.

Spelling Test will take place every Tuesday Morning

All children are to read every night.

Dear Parents,


Below is an overview of the topic areas we will be working on in year 6 during the Spring term.

Any questions please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your support.


Focused Text: Millions

Shakespeare – Children will participate in a Macbeth workshop led by the London Shakespeare Company. (February 2018)


Writing Opportunities: Character Description, Recount, Poetry, Narrative, Non- Chronological Report, Comparisons between texts and journalistic writing.


Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation taught through the following: Ginn Nelson Grammar & Spelling, Rising Stars resources, Oxford University Press and Ginn Reading Comprehension texts.


Weekly Spellings set for homework alongside Grammar and Punctuation and Reading Comprehension.

Rising Star/ Nelson revision books will be used in booster sessions.


Pie charts

Positive and Negative numbers,

ratio & percentages,

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division- formal written methods and brackets,

Geometry- properties of shape,

Fractions – multiply and divide proper fractions.


Homework set from Dactyl revision book and practise SAT questions.


Evolution and inheritance



Prayer Followers of Christ

Confirmation Preparation – Visit to St Chad’s Cathedral. (March 2018)


Coding 2

Object Properties




Changes over time in technology

Trip to Bletchley Park- Code Breaking (February 2018)

Art / DT

William Morris – 3d work and repeating patterns

Design, Make and Evaluate- linked to History unit

D&T: Baking Bread.


Steel Pans


Weather, clothing and daily phrases


Rugby – with Troy (Tuesday pm)

Games - (Friday pm)

Confirmation club

We are made in the image of God. We receive the Holy Spirit during Confirmation – He gives us light and through the Sacrament we receive the strength, power, and we change in order to seek and know God.

Gap task - Create a poster on the sacraments you have received so far.

Confirmation induction evening

Christmas Design and Technology Competition