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Autumn Timetable

Autumn Timetable 1




Year Group 3


TERM Autumn


Dear Parents,

Below is an overview of the curriculum areas we will be covering in year 3 during the Autumn term.

It will be an exciting term as the children will be settling in and starting their Sacramental journey.

Please continue to support your child with their weekly homework, reading and their Sacramental preparation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mrs Williams, Mrs Sexton or Mrs Cruz.

Thank you for your ongoing support.




Autumn 1


Classic Book Study -‘Flat Stanley’ by Jeff Brown. (4 Weeks)


Discussion on front and back covers, children to write questions using the information.

Children will read book and create a ‘Wanted Poster’ using the information found in the text. Children to share these posters and create a ‘Wanted’ display.

Children will explore the text looking at ‘Cause and Effect’ (Week 3).

Writing a summary of the story (Week 1).

Children will use their skills to plan and write an adventure using Flat Stanley as their main character.


Instructions (2 Weeks).

Children to look at and discuss a variety of different instruction leaflets - practical session.


Autumn 2


Poetry – ‘Please Mrs Butler’ by Alan Ahlberg

Children to explore how the poem is written

Children will be able to write their own poem in the style of Alan Ahlberg


Traditional Tales - The Three Little Pigs. (The True Story of The Three Little Pigs). Children will have experience of a number of different traditional tales. Discuss how they are similar and what elements are used.


Spelling rules, grammar and comprehension will be linked to and taught through the units of work on a weekly basis.



Autumn 1


  1. *
  2. * value and partitioning
  1. * and order


Addition and Subtraction

  1. * addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers
  1. * pairs



  1. * units - mass
  1. * estimates
  2. * scales-marked divisions


Multiplication & division

  1. * table facts
  2. * a teens by a single-digit
  3. *


Measures - Time

  1. * conventions
  1. * the time to five minutes
  1. * , digital, Roman



Geometry: properties of shapes

  1. * angles


Autumn 2


  1. * value
  1. * to nearest 10


Addition and Subtraction

  1. * addition and subtraction of tw0-digit numbers
  2. * difference


Measure – Money

  1. *



  1. * unit fractions
  1. *
  2. * fractions of amounts



  1. * charts – scales axis
  1. * and Carroll diagrams



Forces and Magnets

  1. * investigate forces
  1. * magnetic and non-magnetic materials
  2. * types of magnets
  3. * the use of magnets



Belonging – We gather as God’s Family.





Researching using the internet and I-Pads

E- Safety





Stone Age to Iron Age

  1. * in Britain from the Stone Age to Iron Age.
  2. * resources to study where the first people came from, how people lived, what they ate and their religions
  3. * the people developed over these periods
  4. * the importance of tools in the Stone Age
  1. * at Sacred Circles


Cave Paintings

  1. * of artefacts to produce own cave paintings using a variety of media
  2. * skills such as smudging and blending


Research Georges Seurat, what makes his work so unique

  1. * similar techniques, children to create their own Pointillism picture



Recorder - children will continue to practice notes already known and be introduced to new notes and vocabulary.

Learning new hymns for Mass and assemblies.

Christmas Carols.



Dance - Rikki will encourage children to create their own movements to a variety of different music tracks. Children will work individually and as part of a group.

Rugby Skills- outdoor kit with Mr James. Learning how to work as a team as we learn how to play tag rugby.




Children will be introduced to French as a language. They will be able to listen to children speaking French and begin learning numbers to ten, colours and simple greetings.