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Year Group 3


TERM Summer 2015


Dear Parents,

Below is an overview of the curriculum areas we will be covering in year 3 during the Summer term.

It will be an exciting term as the children will be making their First Holy Communion.

Please continue to support your child with their weekly homework, reading and their Sacramental preparation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either Mrs Williams or Miss McHugh.

 Thank you for your ongoing support.


Book study – Charlotte’s Web by E.B.White.


Grammar- Using the first, second and third person, pronouns standing in place of common and proper nouns.  Possessive pronouns, inverted commas, conjunctions and time words and phrases.


Comprehension activities, differentiated according to children’s needs.


Spelling -  Assessment, words within words, prefixes; mis, non, ex, co and anti, root words, prefixes and suffixes, homonyms.


Summer 1


          Compare and order < >

          Estimate points on a number line

Addition and Subtraction

          Mental:  multiples of 10 and 100

          Formal columnar addition

          Formal columnar subtraction


          Standard units – volume

          Sensible estimates

          Reading scales-marked divisions

Multiplication & division

          Times table facts

          Divide and multiply a two digit by single digit number

Measures - Time

          Read the time fluently – using analogue and digital clocks

          24 hour clock

 Geometry: properties of shapes


          Describe  and construct 2-D shapes


Summer 2


          Half-way  between

          Round to nearest 10 or 100

 Addition and Subtraction

          Secure formal columnar addition and subtraction

          Estimate and use inverse


Measures – money

          Rounding to estimate



          Understand factions as numbers

          Understand fractions as division

          Add and subtract fractions


          Interpret and present data in meaningful ways



Light – this will include a trip to the Jaguar Partnership Centre.


Ongoing preparation for Holy Communion


The Eucharist is a thanksgiving to God



Exploring Judaism


Searching the internet safely.

Developing research skills using the I-pads

Continue coding activities


British Isles – Mapping Skills


Art – great artists, architects and designers in history.




Animals, shops, holidays and simple phrases.


Summer 1 :

Dance with Rikki  (continued from Spring term)



Summer 2 :





Fergal's Piano Performance 13/2/15

Fergal's Piano Performance 13/2/15 1 Fergal playing to the school in Assembly
Fergal's Piano Performance 13/2/15 2
Fergal's Piano Performance 13/2/15 3

Science -'Rocks' experiments

Science -'Rocks' experiments  1
Science -'Rocks' experiments  2
Science -'Rocks' experiments  3
Science -'Rocks' experiments  4
Science -'Rocks' experiments  5
Science -'Rocks' experiments  6
Science -'Rocks' experiments  7
Science -'Rocks' experiments  8
Science -'Rocks' experiments  9
Science -'Rocks' experiments  10

Dancing to poetry

Dancing to poetry  1
Dancing to poetry  2
Dancing to poetry  3
Dancing to poetry  4
Dancing to poetry  5
Dancing to poetry  6
Dancing to poetry  7



Remembrance Day 11/11/14

Remembrance Day 11/11/14 1 In class, we made a poppy wreath together.

House presentations

House presentations 1 Jessica
House presentations 2 Heath and Orla
House presentations 3 Clemetine
House presentations 4 Sharon and Lukas
House presentations 5 Children watching the house presentations

'Highly Sprung' science workshop

'Highly Sprung' science workshop  1
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  2
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  3
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  4
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  5
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  6
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  7
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  8
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  9
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  10
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  11
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  12
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  13
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  14
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  15
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  16
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  17
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  18
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  19
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  20
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  21
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  22
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  23
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  24
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  25
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  26
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  27
'Highly Sprung' science workshop  28

Recorder lessons

Recorder lessons 1
Recorder lessons 2

Super science experiments- 'Forces and Magnets'

Christmas Jumper Day for 'Save the Children' charity

Christmas Jumper Day for 'Save the Children' charity 1

Christmas in Class 8

Christmas in Class 8  1
Christmas in Class 8  2
Christmas in Class 8  3
Christmas in Class 8  4

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner 1
Christmas Dinner 2
Christmas Dinner 3
Christmas Dinner 4
Christmas Dinner 5
Christmas Dinner 6
Christmas Dinner 7
Christmas Dinner 8

Design and Technology - Sewing project

Advent Prayer Service

Advent Prayer Service  1
Advent Prayer Service  2
Advent Prayer Service  3
Advent Prayer Service  4
Advent Prayer Service  5

'Where the Poppies Now Grow' library visit

Basketball lessons

Basketball lessons 1
Basketball lessons 2
Basketball lessons 3

October Assembly on the Rosary