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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King


We still continue to work very hard with our Caterers AIP to give the children nutritious but tasty lunches. The new 2 week menu seems to be working well and the majority of the children are enjoying their dinners.


If your child has any dietary or allergy requirements and this menu is not suitable to their needs please contact Amy at AIP by e-mail who will devise a menu to suit your child.


The wrist band system we introduced after half term is working well. At registration the children are asked which option on that day’s menu they would like for lunch ie meat, vegetarian or jacket potato/pasta and are given a coloured wrist band appropriate to their choice. When they go to get their lunch they hand over the band and they are given their choice of meal. This method is used in a lot of schools and proves popular because the children don’t have to worry about not receiving the food that they like for their lunch.


Please remember that current government legislation entitles your child to a free school dinner if they are in Reception to Year 2. We encourage you to take advantage of this and get your child to try dinners. Please contact the office at Westhill Road if you want your child to swap from packed lunches to school dinners.

New Menu Spring/Summer 2019