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We have listened to all the previous feedback from the children and parents and are working very hard with our Caterers AIP to give the children nutritious but tasty lunches. We hope we’re on the right track with this new 2 week menu.


Children usually have to sign up for school meals for half a term, but we’re giving the children who normally have sandwiches the opportunity to try out the new menu, for one week, from Monday 27 February to Friday 3 March at a cost of £2 per day, £10 for the week. We hope they will enjoy the meals so much that they would like to try week 2 of the menu and if so we will reduce the cost for this week only from £10 for the week to £8. We will then ask you and your child to give us feedback on their 1 or 2 week trial and we will use this information to further improve the service.


We are also introducing a wrist band system after half term At registration the children will be asked which option on that day’s menu they that would like for lunch ie meat, vegetarian or jacket potato/pasta and will be given a coloured wrist band appropriate to their choice. When they go to get their lunch they hand over the band and they are given their choice of meal. This method is used in a lot of schools and proves popular because the children don’t have to worry about not receiving the food that they like for their lunch.


Please encourage your child to participate in this trial. At £2 per day, school meals really are excellent value.