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Key Stage 2 results and performance tables

Key Stage 2 (end of primary school) results


The following results are for the academic year 2015-16.


% of pupils achieving the expected standard or above:


Reading: 85%

Writing: 91.7%

Maths: 88.3%

Grammar punctuation and spelling: 90%

Reading Writing and Maths combined: 73.3%


% of pupils achieving a high level of attainment


Reading: 35%

Writing: 32%

Maths: 23%

Grammar punctuation and spelling: 47%



The average scaled score in each area (100 being age related)


Reading: 105

Writing: 104

Maths: 106

Grammar punctuation and spelling: 108


All subject progress measure scores are significantly above national average


Reading: 3.3

Writing: 2.9

Maths: 3.1

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