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Space research from home.

We have been researching about space with our grown ups.Β  We have made posters, created pictures and much more.Β  Take a look.
Picture 1 "A smiley moon and smiley sun." by Archie
Picture 2 "Planets are big. The ringed planet"
Picture 3 "Planets and stars" by Krzysztof
Picture 4 "Neil Armstrong" in space by Katelyn
Picture 5 "It's a mummy alien and a baby alien" by Kitty
Picture 6 "Loads of stars and an alien" by Kitty
Picture 7 "A big ring around Saturn" by Rose
Picture 8 "Luca's bedroom" from Ava
Picture 9 "Saturn has a big ring around it" by Ava
Picture 10 "I made a rocket."
Picture 11 "It's Neil Armstrong." Ava
Picture 12 "It lands on the moon and the stars shine" by Ava