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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King


As we are celebrating the Jubilee Year, the Year of Mercy we asked Dan Callow to come to our school to present us with a very special Retreat Day. At the start of our Retreat Day, we all met in the hall. Dan introduced himself and Emily and we learned some new songs. Then Dan told us that he would like to have been a game show presenter. Some children got up to answer some questions. They did so well and it was a lot of fun.

We were split into three groups. This is the group learning another beautiful hymn to Our Lady. Dan wrote it, a version of Hail Holy Queen which we say daily. It was great fun to learn a new hymn using actions.

Another activity when we discussed who are the important lights in our lives. We went on to talk about how we can be a guiding light for others. We wrote a special prayer in the light bulb.

Another group went into the hall with Emily to discuss two things that we can do extra during this Year of Mercy. We thought very hard and the children wrote some very meaningful prayers. We attached all our shapes together to make a wonderful star.

At two thirty, the whole school met again in the hall for a beautiful liturgy. Some children brought up their prayers and stars. It was a very moving time when we prayed and sung songs. Thank you Dan and Emily.