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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King


8.07.16. Karen Berry and Barclay came to visit us this afternoon.She told us the story of Moses and the Isrealites and how they should have trusted in God.

15.04.16. karen Berry came into school with her friend Barnaby. Barnaby was sad because his best friend Barney has moved awas to live in a Vicarage in Northampton. Karen told him he could still stay in touch by phone, or letter, skipe, email or text. Karen asked how we can speak to God, to ask God to look after Barney, to say a prayer for him. We talked about God being able to hear ever single prayer that is said in the whole world. Karen went on to tell us the Bible story about the two men who came into the temple to pray. It was very interesting.

11.12.15. Today, Karen brought her friend Isla the Monkey to tell us how they prepare for Christmas. Karen asked us how we prepare. She went on to explore the meaning of the word Christmas - Christ. It was a lovely assembly and we wished Karen, Isla and all her friends a very happy and Holy Christmas.

Karen Berry came to see us with her friend Barney. She told us a story from the Bible about a blind man who listened carefully to Jesus. Jesus knew the man and healed him because he had the great gift of faith.

20.11.15. This afternoon, Karen Berry came to see us with Barclay Monkey. She asked us what if feels like when we fall out with our family or friends. Karen went on to explain that their had been a falling out at her house. Leon Lion had called Barclay hairy, and he didn't like it. Karen went on to tell us a story from the Bible about two brothers who didn't get on. They were Esau and Jacob the sons of Isaac and Rebecca. As we progressed through the story, we realised that we should say sorry when we offend anyone and if anyone asks us to do something that we shouldn't, then we should say no. It was a very good message for us all. Thank you Karen and Barclay.