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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King


1.02.17 This afternoon, Year 3 and 4 did different scientific experiments in each class. In Class 7 we did an experiment using milk, food colourings and washing up liquid. It was very interesting.

In Class 8, we measured ingredients very carefully to make fizz bombs. they were fantastic!

In Class 9 we made fuzzy pictures. They look brilliant!

In Class 10 we made our own snot!!! It was really yukky!!

This morning, Rebecca from Zoo Lab came in to show us some animals. There was George the Great African Snail, Charlie the Cockroach, Rosie the Tarantula and African Scorpian and a Corn Snake. Rebecca told us lots of facts and we were able to touch some of them, if we wanted to!

Look at our chicks!!!

Very dozy for a while but then they all burst into life.

Look, our eggs have have hatched!!!

31.01.17 we saw a crack in one of the eggs. The hatching pod is nice and warm and the eggs are getting ready to hatch.

Today, 30.01.17, we received our eggs. We put them carefully in the pod and we are keeping an eye on them.

Nick from Warwick University came to show us lots of different experiments and chemical reactions. It was very interesting and great fun.

This morning we start our Science Week with a visit from Test-tube Tasha the Mad Scientist. It was a great introduction to our week as she showed us some science experiments and taught us that science can be great fun.