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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Class 1

September 2020

Welcome to Class 3.

You may find this version easier to read.

Information About Learning From Home.

Hello everyone,

We have created a map of activities to support learning at home.  The documents have lots of links to take you to different activities so all you need to do is click on them.  The activities are for your child  to complete over the week so it might be a good idea to create a timetable.  Some links have other links to activities for different age groups so please ensure the activities are age appropriate. Some weeks there may be some additional resources and they will be stored in the stars clearly labelled with that week. 

Email any work or messages to

Keep referring back to our website site, twitter and class page for updates.

Enjoy your activities.

Mrs Taylor, Mrs Burke and Mrs Begum


To class 1.

We've loved being your teachers.

Class 1 2020



Message for Class 1 Children


Good morning Class 1,

I can't believe this is our last day together Class 1. What a rollercoaster year it has been but we have had lots of fun and it has been lovely to see you all grow and grow this year. It's hard to say goodbye but I know we will see each other again soon when you are big Year 1 children.



Lana sent me a lovely picture of her broad beans yesterday. She has picked lots of them and then had them for her dinner, Lana said they were yummy.


Today we had exciting news in the plant pot where the fairies live. We found a fairy door! Can you believe it? We don't know where the door goes and we don't where it has come from. I wonder what else will happen while we are on holiday?



Archie had a lovely walk yesterday. He went to the park and watched the tennis, he thinks the people playing tennis are hitting the ball just for him! He is a funny pup. Archie sends you a woof and says have a great summer holidays.


Thank you for your fabulous end of year reflections Class 1. Lots of you have been reflecting and recording your achievements and you should be really proud of what all that you have learnt at home and school. Well done Class 1.


I had a little chat with some of your friends yesterday. Erin is learning to ride her bike and Paddy has learnt lots of new facts about dinosaurs. Harriet has been busy working on her homework and Marella told me lots about her big brother Noah. Hughie has been doing a great job looking after Grandma and Kendall has been working hard on her reading. It was lovely to chat to you Class 1 and I will try and make some more phone calls today.



A big thank you Class 1 parents for all of your lovely emails this week, your kind words and gifts have been much appreciated. Thank you so much.


Well done to Isla for her well deserved Head Teacher award, you are a superstar and congratulations Paddy for your Secrets to success award. What fantastic children you are!


Have a great day Class 1 and don't forget to be fantastic this Friday. Have a safe and happy summer holiday and I look forward to seeing you in September.


Here is a hug just for you today.


Mrs Taylor, Mrs Burke, Mrs Healey and Mrs Begum and Mrs Quirke  xxxxx


PS-Last one Paddington club. Was it a thumbs up or a thumbs down? xxx







 We along with lots of other schools have been invited to participate in a live Mass with Archbishop Bernard. The Mass will be streamed live from St Chads Cathedral at 10.00. It would be lovely if you could join. Please use this link

Can you complete the CTK Growth Mindset Task Board with your family?

Class 1

Information for Parents and Carers

We have been exploring ice this week. Try this at home.

Remembrance day homework