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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Class 10

Class 10 Summer Timetable



Year Group 4


TERM Summer


Dear Parents,


Below is an outline of the curriculum which we will follow up to the end of the Summer term.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  Thank you for your support.


Texts study: The Firework Makers Daughter, Philip Pullman – contemporary fiction.


Differentiated activities linked to the text/ book study including character description, features of a legend, re-writing legends, letter writing, persuasive texts, role-play and hot seating. Comprehension activities will be linked throughout units.


Journalistic Text- Experience of press releases, news reports and broadcasts. Focus on headlines and features of newspapers. Interview, information gathering and quotes. Produce their own articles.


Non-narrative texts – Explanation texts

  • Persuasion texts, linked to topic, holiday brochure

Poetry – different forms of poetry – Haiku


Grammar – using a variety of sentence types, use of possessive apostrophes, paragraphs to indicate time, place, person, proofread and edit a text, develop mood and atmosphere within story writing using a range of vocabulary, figurative language and sentence structure.


Spelling – Homophones and words which are often misspelt, common exception word, prefixes including im-, in-, il-, ir- and suffixes including –gue, -que, -ei, -eigh, -ey.




  • Consolidate place value
  • Compare and order
  • Half-way between
  • Extend sequences to involve decimals

Addition and subtraction

  • Mental addition and subtraction
  • Apply formal columnar method to addition and subtraction
  • Estimate and use inverse to check

Addition and subtraction: Measures of money

  • Round and adjust to calculate
  • Find totals with money – mental and written method

Multiplication and division

  • Multiply three single digits mentally
  • Formal method of multiplication
  • Mental division
  • All known facts to 12x12
  • Formal method of short division
  • Estimate answers by rounding

Geometry: Properties of shape

  • Symmetry, lines of orientation
  • Symmetric patterns

Geometry: Direction and movement

  • Understand and describe translations


Fractions and decimals

  • Decimal bonds to one
  • Positioning decimals on a number line
  • Round to whole
  • Recognize the equivalence between fractions and decimals
  • Explore equivalence

Measures: time

  • Use timetables
  • Convert between units of time


  • Area of rectilinear shapes
  • Measure and compare lengths – decimal notation


  • Interpret and present continuous data


States of Matter





Light of the World and beloved Son

Sharing in the life of Jesus

Special roles and responsibilities




Graphic art



Ancient Egypt and Early Civilizations

Art / DT

Ancient Egypt – sketch book work and great artists

Design, Make, Evaluate


Djembe drumming


European study


Explore the patterns and sounds of language through songs and rhymes and link the spelling, sound and meaning of words.



Tag Rugby




Homework is to be handed in every Wednesday

The children will be asked to revise a range of times tables, depending on their individual ability which will be set by their class teacher. In addition to this your child will have to complete some written homework (in a maths book) or interactive maths games on Mathletics – each week the homework set will alternate between written and interactive. 

If your child is unable to access the internet at home please contact your child’s class teacher so alternative homework can be set or provisions made in school for your child to access the Mathletics homework. 

Please see the timetable on the maths curriculum page stating which week written homework will be set.

Djembe drum concert 🎶

11.02.2016 Hands On Science

10.02.2016- Claire Flynn helped the children to create art based on the virtue 'Truthful'

09.02.2016- Safer Internet Day

27.01.2016 Making simple circuits in science

18.01.2016- M and M Productions visited to perform Aladdin

18/01/16- Year 4 shared reading with the infants

22.12.15 Well done to the children who achieved 100% attendance during the Autumn term ⭐️

Christmas Jumper Day!

Science- testing the effects of different liquids on teeth

Poetry Day

Geography- making famous European landmarks

Entries for the Christmas CD cover

Remembrance Day

Ten Ten Theatre visited to deliver a fantastic performance to the children

Weekly dance class with Ricky Brown

Role play in Class 10

class 10 Liturgy Council

Secrets to Success Winners