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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Class 14

surprise Welcome to Class 14 surprise


Good luck for September 2015 class 14





Year Group 6


TERM Summer


Dear Parents,


This term is another busy term for year 6.  The children will continue to be taught in split classes until the SAT tests which begin on Monday 11th May.  Following the SAT tests, we will be preparing for Confirmation and the end of year production, as well as completing transition units of work.


Below is an outline of the curriculum which we will follow up to the end of the Summer term.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  Thank you for your support.


Reading: Revision of different text types.

Writing: Writing for different purposes.

Grammar: Past papers as part of SAT revision

Kensukes Kingdom Transition Unit

Play rehearsal


Fractions and decimals


 Calculating with fractions and decimals

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Secure calculation methods

Solving problems using all four operations


 Line graphs

Ratio and proportion


 Direct proportion


 Imperial conversions



 Expressing an unknown in problems

Geometry – properties of shape

 Drawing and constructing nets

 Angles in polygons


 Light - Identify sources of light & revise facts that light travels in straight lines & opaque objects form shadows. Understand that to see, light needs to enter the eye. Investigate light reflection & refraction, white light made of many colours & the speed of light.


Electricity- Sc4 1a Construct circuits, incorporating a battery & range of switches to make devices work. 1b Find out the effect of changing components in circuits, making bulbs brighter or dimmer.

Breadth of study: 1d Carry out a range of scientific investigations.

2b Recognise there are hazards in physical processes, and assess risks and take action to reduce risks to themselves and others.



Belonging to the Church community

Baptism and Confirmation






Digital Story Telling


  • Changes over time in Technology
  • historical changes over a variety of time periods
  • ask questions, think critically
  • interpret and evaluate a variety of primary and secondary resources
  • develop, understand and use key vocabulary

Art / DT

Design, make and Evaluate – linked to science Evolution Topic.

Great Artists- designers in history


Steel Pans


Distribution of natural resources


-identify and sequence the components of the water cycle

-describe what happens to rain water when it reaches the ground

-identify forms in which water occurs in the environment


Basic phrases used in everyday life.




Dance – Led by Ricky Brown


9 June 2015


Year Six have had a wonderful day today as part of their Confirmation preparation. The Chaplaincy team from Cardinal Newman School have been in working alongside the children, exploring different aspects of the Creed. The day ended with a celebration of Mass led by Father Andrew. Thank you to everyone involved. (Please see the RE curriculum area for photographs.)

A HUGE thank you to all of the children for all of their hard work and dedication during SATs week. We are all very proud of you! Now let's BOWL!! 


End of SATs treat! 👏

Our Debating Team 06.02.2015
Well done Sam you are a true artist! 🎨
Well done Harrison 🏆
Flag to represent Coventry North-West
Happy Red Nose Day!
A successful Retreat Day. 23.03.2015
What a catch a Mikey! 🏈 24.03.2015
Well done Harry 🏆 4th place 01.04.2015
Well done Oliva 🏆 3rd place 01.04.2015
Well done Aoife 🎨
Well done Hannah 🎨
Well done Emilie 🎨
Well done Olivia 🎨
Well done Niamh 🎨
Well done Penny 🎨
Clara 14 poster winners
100% Attendance during the Spring Term
100% Attendance during the Autumn and Spring Term

Have a look at the Philosophy club page under Curriculum, RE for the latest photos from the debate on war.

Welcome to Class 14

Dol y Moch

Select the Outdoor Activities link below  for information on Dol y Moch including the kit list.

John Muir Homework