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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Class 7

Summer term 1 Class 7 timetable

History Topic

Our Living History Project

Over the month of June, we invite you to add your experience of the past year to our CTK writing collection - which will be bound and copied for both libraries and shared on our newsletters.

We are asking as many of you as possible to write a letter to your future self; and the generations to follow detailing how our lives have changed during 2021 and 2021 during the COVID pandemic.

"Letters to our Future-self" is our school history initiative that is focusing on gathering and preserving stories from our experiences of how we have lived through these strange times.



1. What lessons have we learned (reflecting on the year)?

2. Consider some things you would hope for the future and how we have all learnt to appreciate our family, friends, clubs, sports... more that ever and that how, no matter how fast life can zoom by, the children of 2020 and 2021 have had to adapt, persevere and learnt how to smile through the challenges they (we all) faced.


Your task following a standard letter format is to handwrite a letter addressed simply to:

Christ the King



June 2021

To my future self.


Please sign off the letter with your first name and class only.


Good luck!

We have provided all the topics we will be covering throughout the Spring Term. Please refer to the document below.

Please find updated copy of Homework Plan.

Very well done Ciara on receiving your Level 1 Proficiency for Gymnastics! You worked so hard gaining this award during lockdown through ZOOM!!

2.07.2021    Mathletics Certificates.

Well done to Dominik and Shiloh who worked so hard this week and achieved Bronze certificates.  Very well done to Dominik who carried on and achieved a Silver certificate as well.  Keep up the hard work children.


9.07.2021 Congratulations to all of Class 7 who prepared so well for their Sacrament of First Holy Communion and enjoyed a wonderful day last Saturday.

The homework schedule for Summer 1 is displayed below, along with the weekly spellings.

Summer term 2 Spellings

Spring 1 Timetable