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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Click here for a typical day in nursery

We have lots of fun throughout the week, learning and developing new skills.  We cover a vast curriculum and have the opportunity to join in with adult directed tasks as well as take part in independent learning.  The week runs as follows...



Registration, date and weather board, number and abc song, learning our new sound of the week and snack time.



We split into our red and blue key groups to complete a short activity.  We improve speaking and listening ability by sharing our news of the weekend as well as having music sessions. These sessions teach us about the names of the different instruments, the sounds they make, rhythm, pitch and much more.

Picture 1 Exploring musical instruments.
Picture 2 Talking about our families.
Picture 3 Understanding what makes us special and unique.


Similar to Monday, we split into our red and blue key groups to complete more short activities. This activity can be based up different aspects of the curriculum; including speaking and listening, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, expressive art and design etc.

Picture 1 Singing five little speckled frogs.
Picture 2 Counting the die to build the bear.
Picture 3 Exploring material to make an Elmer picture.


On Wednesday we take off our jumpers and get ready to do our exercises.  We go into the hall and find our own space to get ready for the fun. We always stretch and do warm ups before taking part in dance, yoga activities, playing games or using the apparatus to complete obstacle courses.  We love our physical development sessions.  These activities take place in our key groups so there are only thirteen children in the space at a time.  Whilst some children are taking part in gross motor activities (big movements) the other group is developing their hand eye coordination with fine motor activities (small movements).  This helps with writing as we increase the control over our movements.

Picture 1
Picture 2


On Thursday we continue our independent learning activities as well as working one to one with the teacher, reviewing our learning over the week by completing our learning journals. 


Friday is the best day of the week because it is "chocolate biscuit day!" Every Friday we have a chocolate biscuit with our snack (remembering our manners of course). We have the opportunity to use the ICT suite.  In key groups we are taught ICT skills and the names of the different parts of a computer.  We use a variety of programs as well as digital cameras and IPads to take photographs. We also take advantage of our library time and explore the school’s interesting books. We always listen to a story and have a great talk about it afterwards.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3