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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Examples of our amazing work

Year 6 Examples

Year 4 Examples

Year 2 Examples. We shared the story of Digi Duck and discussed the importance of who and what we can trust online. Some children created some posters on how to stay safe, and some children wrote the next part of Digi Duck!

Year 1- We shared the Digiduck story and thought about what other animals could be in the story. We used the internet to find facts about our new characters but we had to be careful that the information we found was accurate. We checked with an adult, used what we knew and checked the information on different websites.

Nursery - On February 9th Nursery celebrated Safer Internet Day by designing our own Tablet Game.

We shared a story about Buddy the dog who told us to follow these simple rules to ensure that are screen time stays safe:

  • Always ask a grown-up before going on the internet.
  • If something strange pops up on the screen, tell an adult.
  • Don’t download or install anything without asking a grown up first.
  • Tell a grown-up if a stranger speaks to you online.
  • Remember, not all games and videos are for children.
  • Always ask if you are unsure about anything.