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EYFS News Letter

welcome to NURSERY
half term newsletter-Autumn 2021

Welcome to our Autumn term Newsletter which outlines our learning for this half term. We are extremely proud of how well the children settled into Nursery over the last week and it has been lovely to see them settle in Nursery and tackle new experiences. We hope that this newsletter will help you understand your child’s learning journey and that they all have a successful and happy half term.

Mrs. Taylor Assistant Head Teacher/Early Years leader


Mrs. Farrell   Mrs. Walton   


Writing this half term

This half term we will focus on upon making marks both indoors and out. The children will be encouraged to make large movements and small movements using lots of different mark making resources.

Reading this half term

Every day the children will be encouraged to find their name when self-registering. We will be sharing lots of nursery rhymes and encouraging the children to make observations about print in their environment.  The children will learn to hold books correctly, turn the pages and will be encouraged to make observations about the pictures. We will be sharing lots of stories in many different formats. 


The children will be learning a morning or afternoon prayer.

theme this half term

We shall be exploring the topic of ‘All about me’. We will be talking about ourselves, our likes and dislikes, our families and what is important to us. We will be naming parts of our body and using our creative skills to paint self-portraits.

Maths this half term

This half term we will be sorting objects into colour and size. We will be using numbers while singing songs and rhymes.

how to help your child this half term

Please read to your child as often as you can and share what they can see in the pictures. Encourage them to repeats words or phrases from familiar stories and fills in the missing word or phrase in a known rhyme, story or game, e.g. ‘Humpty Dumpty sat on a …’

Finally, in their environment help them to recognise familiar words and signs around them such as own name and advertising logos from their favourite takeaway, TV name and supermarkets.

This will help to foster a love of books.


Thank you

The Nursery Team