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Godiva Sisters September 2015

What is the Godiva Sister project?


The Godiva Sisters project is about social inclusion – not being achieved through academic lectures, written documents or intellectual argument (as important and necessary as these might be), but achieved instead through dramatic story, colourful spectacle and personal encounter with “those different from ourselves”.  


Pru Porretta, Coventry’s present-day Lady Godiva, has reached out to the various ethnic, cultural and faith communities in the city of Coventry.  She brings to life the story of Lady Godiva for adults and children, voluntary and community groups.  She felt the need to open up the story, to include something of the history, culture and values of those other communities. She asked them to choose a hero, who would embody and represent that community in a wider context.  Having chosen a hero, a working-group was set up to design and create, with guidance from a textile artist, a banner depicting the heroine and her story in the tradition and style of that community.  One member of each group was chosen to act the character of the hero, but more importantly to become a Godiva Sister and to be an animateur among her community. 



Who are the Godiva Sisters?


An original six Sisters in 2002 had grown to 18 Godiva Sisters in 2014:


Irish Sister, Caribbean Sister, Christian Sister, Chinese Sister, Japanese Sister,  Sikh Sister, Hindu Sister, Serbian Sister, Sister for Disability, African Sister, 

Latin-American Sister, Muslim Sister, Polish Sister, Refugee/Asylum Sister, Malaysian Sister,  Halleluyah Sister, Elder Sister, Brahma Kumaris Sister.


We represented the Irish Sisters.  Through the media of dance a small group of girls performed a traditional Irish dance to the enjoyment of the crowds and Sisters.  The girls distributed food to the people of Coventry and took one their role with integrity, respect and a sense of pride.



Blessing of the Food

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Godiva Sister Dance

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Morris Dancers

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African Sisters

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Hindu Sisters

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