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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King


Monday 1st June

Good morning everyone

Cannot believe it is June already! Hope you all had a lovely restful week and kept yourselves safe on these roasting hot days.

As you are aware, plans are being put in place to start setting school up to enable more children to return. This does mean that we may not be able to respond to your messages as quickly as we were doing, so please understand that we haven’t forgotten you and we are not ignoring you! We are just having to do other tasks too at the moment and we know that you will be patient.


Some shoutouts for contacts made just before the holiday:


Clara’s sand shaker and drum – see her video on the Y4 Facebook page

Archie - poem about Mary

Macauley having fun in his paddling pool

Evie’s guitar

Lennon sent a lovely letter to Emma D

Aiden singing and playing his double maracas on Twitter, with a really relevant hymn ‘Be happy in Jesus, trust and obey’


Looking at all the photos from over the past weeks has reminded us of the wonderful variety of things which you have been doing – if you get chance, take a look. You should all feel really proud of how you have coped with these very different circumstances.


Keep doing the best you can, have some fun and fresh air and above all, keep washing your hands, social distancing and stay safe


Virtual love and hugs to you all xx


Friday 22nd May

Wow how on Earth is it Friday again - and the end of another half term!

You have earned a week off in the sunshine children well done! 

congratulations to Evie for achieving Secrets to Success and to Shea for receiving the Head teacher award this week!! 


More shoutouts to:

Well done to Natalie for keeping up her Maths and English skills.

So many of you have made fantastic musical instruments including Sophia’s rattles, Louis’ shaker, Alex’s guitar and Julia O’s drum kit. We will have to get a class band going! πŸŽΌπŸ₯πŸŽΈ


Congratulations to Julia O, Aiden, Alex and Sophia for all achieving Mathletics certificates and particularly well done to Louis and Julia Z who each gained Bronze, Silver and Gold!


Have a fantasic week off children, stay safe x

Good morning Children, Happy Thursday 21st May.

Please don’t forget about Mass at 9:30 children.


Another push for TTRockstars today! We can do this!


Here is the new link for wonderful hymns with our friends Dan and Emily.

This weeks Weekly Worship & Song has a focus on Jesus the Prince of Peace, reminding us how Jesus tells us His Disciples not to be afraid.


Shout outs today got to:

Julia Z for continuing to work hard and she even made a super fruit salad in the sun! I might make one later too.

Archie has had great fun making his Maracas and the instructions are in Week 7’s photos too.

Aiden has been continuing to work hard on his maths, multiplying those decimals.


How are you all getting on with your handwriting? We do hope you are focusing on those cursive joins- remember don’t rush. It would be lovely if you had a go at editing some of the work you have done too. Grab a funky purple (or any colour) pen and see if you can up level some of the vocabulary and find some spelling mistakes to correct. Very important skills ready for Year 5.


Have a lovely, sunny day (don't forget the suncream!) x

Happy Wednesday 20th May everyone!

I hope you all had a great day yesterday, what glorious weather we are having! 

I know many of you have been super busy on TT Rockstars and I was so pleased to see many of you in the top 100. Please make sure that you log on and have a go as it is really important that you all are fluent with your times tables -  the competition side of it is just an added element of fun! We are currently moving between second and first place across the schools.  All dig deep and spend 10 minutes a day on there we should hopefully win! 

 An important message from Mrs Williams:  Thursday is a Holy Day of obligation, as it is the Ascension of Our Lord.  We would have been attending Mass if we had been at school so it would be lovely if we could all meet virtually for Mass at 9.30 Thursday morning.  Together again as a school family. Do try please children.

It was lovely to hear from so many of you yesterday. Well done children :) Remember each of you will have your own little routines by now or perhaps may have days where you feel a little funny and don't feel like working. That is okay too, we all cope and deal with things differently and all work differently too. Remember not to compare yourself to others, you are all wonderfully unique and as long as you are happy and try your best then that is all that matters.

 Shout outs to :

Aiden and his family having a Bake-Off challenge - judging by the photo, standards were high! 

Julia O has been checking in her insect hotel, fantastic idea! 

Alex enjoyed a different kind of day tree climbing - looks fantastic fun (but Mrs D says she'd struggle with her poor old knee, so is going to give it a miss!) 

We have yet again changed the tadpole container and water still no legs but they seem happy enough! 

Remember your suncream when you are in the garden, my cats and dogs have taken over Kymani's shelter!

Fancy a joke? Q: What do you call a dog with no legs?A: It doesn’t matter, he still won’t come when you call.

Q: What do you get when you cross a dog and a calculator? A: A friend you can count on.

Do have a lovely day, we can't wait to see more of your musical instruments in your Muscycling project!
Picture 1
Picture 2

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning lovelies

How lovely it’s been to enjoy the glorious sunshine and hopefully get outside to keep our Vitamin D levels up πŸ˜Ž

It’s my niece’s birthday today and it’s great that I’ll be able to see her using skype. She lives hundreds of miles away so I wouldn’t get to see her normally but lockdown has certainly made me more aware of keeping connected with family and friends. I’ve even dusted off my address book to write letters again. I have a very dear friend (Matthew’s Godmother) who has always kept in touch through letterwriting and I’ve always loved receiving things from her through the post. She’s the lady I was with in Paris when the market stallholder was teasing me about my pronunciation of ‘Rouge’ – keep those R’s rolling Class 9!!


So chucklebutties, let’s start today with a giggle (or a groan maybe!) with these jokes:


What time do ducks get up? At the quack of dawn


Patient:  Doctor! Doctor! I keep thinking I’m a dog! πŸΆ

Doctor:  Take a seat.

Patient:  I can’t, I’m not allowed on the furniture!



Katelyn can be seen on Twitter shaking the maraca she has made - lovely rhythms going on there!

Natalie has made a pirate wrap and heart-shaped egg and sausage breakfast - sure they taste as good as they look

She’s found time to do some wonderful origami too – we’ve been delighted by the range of activities you’ve all kept yourselves busy with

Sophia has found time too to do Mrs. Hogan’s challenges as well as writing a Lockdown poem


Reminders – if you find time, you busy bees!:

TT Rockstars – Come on, Class 9 we can do this! Let’s all get busy – we are trailing behind Class 14, who have double our score at the moment! Now that will never do will it? So ONE job today is to login and get playing! πŸ™‚

Virtual Science Fair 

School Games and P.E Challenges


Maybe you could write a letter to a friend, neighbour or relative today?

If any of you would like to, I know that the staff and residents at my daughter Emma’s care home (Foundation House) would be thrilled to get some messages so if you’d like to send some over via the class email, I will forward them on for you


God bless you all

Have a lovely day

❀️ xx


Monday 18th May

Good morning everyone

Hope you had a great weekend with your families, it’s so lovely to be able to spend time together isn’t it? (When we’re not driving each other crazy, that is!)


Shoutouts from last week:

Aiden did some handwashing instructions which are perfect for us all to keep following to keep ourselves safe

Julia O sent instructions for sowing seeds and thanks to Louis we can all now follow his instructions to make his Luscious Lemonade

Evie and Katelyn sent wonderful Continents PowerPoints

Sophia has been learning to play on her keyboard, Julia Z has been busy recycling and Evie has been making eggy sausage

Erin created a lovely Class 9 acrostic which you can see below - we agree entirely!


Mr Hadlum has sent two different sporting challenges that are happening this week. You can find them in the School Games section of this page. The first is The Joy of Movement festival which is only running this week. In the Joy of Movement festival booklet there is a timetable for a day of fun activities and challenges that can be done at home on your own or with an adult. There is also a review card, so you can review your learning for each activity. The second is Week 2 of the School Games virtual challenge, which is a cricket-based challenge again to be done from home.




TTRockstars - ends this Friday 22nd May, so keep tapping away!

Science Fair this month so send us your entries please


Now, we know Ms Cruz likes her jokes, so I’ve included these -


How do you organise a party for a spaceman? You planet!


Why does everyone love cats? Because they are purr-fect


Have a lovely day, virtual hugs to each and every one of you




Picture 1


Friday 15th

It’s competition time- the schools in the MAC against each other – come on CTK! Task one spend some time on TT Rockstars today!

Congratulations to Ralph for great Home Learning and extra activities especially his Punchbag Workout and is receiving the Head Teacher award this week and to Isla for excellent Maths and English work and gaining the Secrets to Success award. Great job children!

More super shouts outs go to:

Happy Birthday for Saturday Julia O Have a lovely day!!

Super instructions from many of you, Macauley's scones and Natalie's cupcakes look very tempting!

It's great to see Caoimhe getting into some serious spring cleaning, as well as tackling fractions - both equally important πŸ™‚

Lovely prayer to Mary from Alex, asking her to keep vulnerable people safe. We can all feel a bit vulnerable at times so we can always pray, take a deep breath or think about something that makes us happy.

Sophia for excellent continents work and very colourful investigation into local animals.

Archie for his yummy brownie cakes (we are waiting for ours!)

Shea for his bread making instructions. (I can almost smell it baking!)

Friday joke for you (hope it makes you smile!) What did the Dalmatian say after lunch?...That hit the spot! How do you stop an astronaut’s baby from crying? You rocket! (I like that one!)

So what are you doing this weekend? Kymani is hoping to camp in the garden again and I’m sure we will play another board game (I won at Cluedo last week!). Perhaps you will try one of Mrs Hogan’s challenges? She is busy making more for you!

Wow, can you believe it’s week 7 next week children?

We miss you lots.

Stay safe, sending virtual hugs and have a lovely weekend with your family.




Thursday 14th May,

How is everyone today? The weather is looking dry so do try and find some time today to spend outside. Make sure you take the time to exercise. Perhaps spend some time completing an activity you never usually would, I intend to read my new Viking book at some stage today, perhaps before bed or over lunch.

A joke to get us through this Thursday; Why did the student eat his homework? ….Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake! Well, can you do better? What’s your favourite joke?  Here one more: What is a witch’s favourite subject in school? … Spelling! Teehee!

Thank you for all the emails we received yesterday, We're glad so many of you are taking the time to have fun and learn new and exciting things around the house and in your gardens too! 

Shouts out today go to:

Julia O for a super collage picture of a bird made with seeds! So creative!

Aiden for a very detailed powerpoint about the Continents and interesting information about Zimbabwe.

Julia Z has been dreaming of horseriding and has written instructions on how to ride.

Junior has been bouncing to success on his sisters new trampoline and is pushing himself with his spelling and timestables!


The weeks are flying by aren’t they. We hope you are enjoying the projects we have been setting, from Eco warriors to Heroes of History and now the Continents. Don’t forget your super science projects for our school science fair too. Don't worry - some more art and crafts coming your way soon!

We have put a new folder with the Yr4 Summer term SPaG mats and Maths mats from Twinkl– but this is totally optional!

Have a lovely day x

**Please don’t forget children, that the TT rockstars competition starts tomorrow and ends 22nd May. We're hoping that we can do really well with this if we really push for it πŸ‘πŸ».

Wednesday 12th May

Good morning children, how are you doing with this week's tasks? Perhaps you could start with doing the tasks you can do independently to give your parents a chance to catch up on their work and other jobs they have to do around the house. 

Remember though, to keep doing your best and try not to compare yourself to others.  In these very strange times in which we find ourselves, it is difficult if we feel pressurised when comparing ourselves with others but we can only do our best.

I know it can feel a little overwhelming at times, a tip for anyone struggling or feeling down with the current situation, is to take each day as it comes and not thinking long term really helps. It is really easy to get anxious and worried about the unknown. Nothing ever good comes from worrying, if you find yourself in a state of worry, try and think about something different, something that makes you smile.

We give our daily shout outs for photos/work you have sent us but please know whether you send us a quick hello or many emails - we are proud of each and every one of you for rising to the new routine. We do all miss so many things that were normal to us - we certainly wont take anything for granted again will we?

Shouts Outs:

Wonderful Continent information from Louis - have a go at saying the phrases in your best Australian accents.

Ralph has devised a Punchbag Workout, think he is the new Joe Wickes!

Bradley has been enjoying all the extra family time we are having at the moment, including camping together in his lounge and collecting materials to make a fantastic leaf lion πŸ™‚

Davina has done great work on decimals - and look at her wonderful hat she is wearing in her photo!

A 'Staying positive at home well done' to our twins, Oscar and Oliver, to Caoimhe, Finnan and Megan. πŸ‘


*Remember that Mrs Jackson’s Virtual Science Fair has started and you have until the end of the month to submit your investigation. Details are in our week 6 folder.

Thanks again to parents for all of your hard work, it is greatly appreciated.❀

Tuesday 12th May


Hello everyone 


We’ve had a great start to the week, with lots of amazing work completed already - Erin has done a PowerPoint about Continents, Isla has been busy completing English and Maths and Macauley has got his work really well organised and sent us some lovely examples.


Julia O has been gardening and enjoying the beauty of nature. This time out of school has really given us all the opportunity to practise new skills and develop new interests.


There's quite a few photos for you to look at already smiley


Dexter has taken it upon himself to be responsible for loading the dishwasher (the dishwashers in my house are me and my son!) and our Science Ambassador is really excited about the Virtual Science Fair - all the details are on the Week 6 Home Learning page so don’t forget to send us your entries.


Have a lovely day with your families


Monday 11th May


Good morning everyone 

Hope you enjoyed your extra long weekend - I spotted Clara with her bunting for VE Day on Twitter and our lovely Ms Cruz smiling away, having a picnic with Sienna and Kymani, which really cheered me up πŸ˜€Katelyn did some lovely chalk pictures too, supporting keyworkers.


There are new photos added to the Week 5 pictures , including Ralph out walking, Natalie exercising and Julia Z with her prayer area. I know she has been saying the rosary at 7.00pm and am sure lots more of you have too.

More work that came through from Ralph, Aiden and Lennon at the end of last week included super Heroes of History speeches, complex sentences, data handling, and triptychs.


It was great too to hear from Shea, Davina, Oscar and Oliver, who are all doing well πŸ™‚


You can check on Ms Cruz’ tadpoles and pheasant eggs on the star she has put on the class page. So much to be grateful for - I spotted a single rose 🌹 in my garden yesterday which uplifted my spirits.


Did you see the excellent Lockdown poems on the newsletter? If you write any, make sure you send them to us and you might see yours on future newsletters.


If we were in class now, I’d get you to do one of your fabulous drum rolls πŸ₯ ...........

It’s countdown to TT Rockstars! Starts on Thursday, so not long now!


Please, please keep in touch, it would be so lovely to hear from all of you this week


Have a lovely day and remember to keep safe by following the rules on social distancing 


Virtual love and hugs πŸ€— xx


Thursday 7th May

Good morning all,


Excellent work again this week from you all. Well done to Davina for Secrets to Success this week for her excellent work on Mathletics and the Head teacher award to Louis who has consistently worked hard on all the home learning and is doing an excellent job but particularly his great speech about Florence nightingale and how she realised importance of infection control = washing hands! All those years ago and here we are now re-learning the importance of washing our hands!


Archie for his extra PowerPoint book review David Walliams  'Slime'

Sophia for discovering new planet, speech writing.

Aiden and Julia Z sentences practising spellings and using subordinating conjunctions

Natalie for times tables 

Alex for statistics work


Are you ready for Mrs Hogan’s next challenge? There are six new ones and they can all be found in the new ‘Mrs Hogan’s puzzles and challenges’ folder on our page!

It is a very special bank holiday tomorrow, do you all have your 75th VE Day bunting ready? Have you been busy baking scones for your picnic on the lawn? There are some lovely colouring sheets on twinkl to help celebrate the special day too. We will be singing along to We’ll Meet Again.

If you want more of a sing song, Click this link to Dan and Emily with their weekly worship and song. Week 5 is now available



online go to and click logon as student and click “at school” not “remote learning” or it won’t work. Then just enter our classroom code:rvn5587

Keep up to date with the lastest Esafety information here:

From the 14th - 22nd May we have another TT Rockstars battle only this time against the other schools in our MAC.Use this time wisely beforehand to practise!

Ms Mann's PE challenge is in the folder on our class page, give it a go and see if you can film it and send it via twitter or email.


Have a wonderful weekend x


Wednesday 5th May

Hello everyone

Thank you for keeping in touch, do make sure you send us an email each week because we love to see what you've been doing and it's just so important for us to know that all is well with you. So even a quick 'Hello' is great! We do understand that lots of your parents are busy working from home, so we don't expect lots of long emails.

This week Aiden has been very busy with maths and RE work.  Julia Z wrote a great speech about being a famous explorer who discovered the 'star-nosed mole' - you can see it in this week's photos.

Have you looked at Mrs Hogan's maths challenge? Sophia has already done it! Mrs Hogan misses you all and is so happy to be able to give you challenges to keep you entertained.

As you can see from the photo, I have carried out my threat and put poor old Pierre in the washing machine! Despite getting rather dizzy he is happy now that he is all sparkly clean and fresh ready for when he can see you all again πŸ˜€ He says 'Bonjour".

It may seem a little early but I wanted to give you the heads up. Next week we are holding a virtual Science fair. I will be adding extra information to next weeks home learning but I have decided to mention it now so you can start to have a think.

Over the month of May you will have the opportunity to enter our Virtual Science Fair. Entries must ask a scientific question and attempt to answer it - there are lots of examples online. Please email a photograph to me by the end of the month - good luck!

Make sure you take some time to get some fresh air today, have fun xx


From the 14th - 22nd May we have another TT Rockstars battle only this time against the other schools in our MAC. We would love to see some children from our class in the top ten so use this time wisely beforehand to practise!

Ms Mann's PE challenge is in the folder on our class page, give it a go and see if you can film it and send it via twitter or email.

Picture 1

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning children


It was lovely to see the statue of Mary on the sanctuary at mass. Hopefully you have had chance to tune in to say the rosary at 7.00pm with Father Tom and Father John. Remember that God always listens to us and we can always ask Mary to intercede for us, so we never need to feel afraid.


It was great last week to send out lots of Mathletics certificates to Sophia, Davina, Erin, Alex and both Julias, so keep going with it if you can ( and looking at that list, what can we say but "Come on boys!!") smiley Talking of Maths, there is a TT Rockstars Tournament coming up, so keep practising in preparation - let's show everyone what we can do!



We've had lots more amazing stories from you and Aiden had used a planning sheet very effectively for his. More super history work from Clara, Lennon and Archie too. It has been fascinating reading about all the inspirational Heroes of History that you have found out about. Just think children, by helping to support others by staying home and keeping safe, future generations will look on all of us as heroes! 

So keep up the good work children, you have been amazing! smiley yes


We know that lots of you have spent a lot of time using the blog but unfortunately there have been all sorts of issues with it just lately and it keeps crashing. So for the time being please just keep sending tweets and all your lovely weekly emails instead.


Have a wonderful day and keep smiling xx 


Monday 4th May

Hoping you all had a lovely weekend and managed to get some fresh air despite the rather mixed weather. Cannot believe that we are already starting Week 5 of home learning! You have been sending us some fabulous work and lovely photos of what you've been up to which we love seeing, so keep it all coming smiley Last week there was some amazing History work with PowerPoints from Evie, Aiden and Alex and more information from Eden, Junior, Natalie and Katelyn. Check out the photos - think we will have to rename Junior 'Albert' when we all meet up again! And Louis could start a new business with the slogan Louis' Luscious Lemonade smiley Natalie has been creative making a sandwich pencil case! Lots of lovely things from you lovely children. Remember, each day is one day closer to these unusual times being over and us all being back together so keep positive and stay safe. Love and hugs to you all x


Friday 1st May

Friday again, can you believe it? 

Well done to Lennon and Aiden for receiving certificates for their efforts this week! 

Have you been practising your Year 3/4 words? If you think you know them get someone to test you next week and just focus on the ones you don't know then! Keep it up, remember new words next year and of course pen licenses to achieve with that beautiful cursive writing too!

How did you get on with Mrs Hogan's word challenge? Next week she has a maths crossword for you to solve!

May begins today and this is when we think about Our Lady.  Father Tom and Father John recite the Rosary every evening at 7pm. It would be lovely if you joined in at this time. 

Get stuck in with reading and listening to audio books on Get Epic when you can! Remember it is totally free to access and you can go online or download the app. There are sooo many books to choose from across a number of genres and age groups. You can watch videos and be quizzed on the books after and even have some read to you! To get online go to and click logon as student and click “at school” not “remote learning” or it won’t work. Then just enter our classroom code:rvn5587

and enjoy reading

Have a super weekend children, speak Monday, sending virtual hugs to you all. xx

Picture 1

Thursday 30th April

Hola amigos, well today's news from my house is, my Paul rescued 6 pheasant eggs from a farm where the mummy pheasant had been killed (by a fox we think? So sad. ) So we are now doing all we can to incubate them! We don't know if they are alive but I will do all I can for them for 3 weeks or so and we will see- I'll keep you posted! 


Some super Heroes of History work coming through, well done! I want to ask Mr Burke if we can do this as a special day next year and get dressed up too, what do you think? 


Lovely work from Aiden working hard on his maths challenges and Lennon too.  Some great research on the Gospel accounts of the Resurrection from Alex. Julia Z has been working through all the tasks on the weekly sheet and has a real push onher comprehension. 


With regards to comprehension, we have now managed to put up the answers to the texts in the answers folder. We hope you will find them useful. We all, staff and pupils- find Comprehension 'a little subjective'. So the answers come with somewhat of a 'health warning,' where we don't always agree. πŸ™‚We can only go by the mark scheme- and if nothing else - it leads to some excellent converstations about the ways we can answer comprehension questions. 

*Hopefully you got an email yesterday linking you to a new Comprehension/ story app to try:

you will need our class code it's: 



We hope you like it. Have a lovely day ahead children and families x


Wednesday 29th April 

Good morning Class 9! We are back into the new routine now aren't we? 

Well my tadpoles still have no legs! I didn't know it took so long, they are starting to change colour a bit now from black to brown speckled so it shouldn't be long now. Let's hope the weather gets warm again for their release into the stream! We've put some photos in a folder for you to see the progress!

Thank you as always to you all for working so hard, it's lovely to see Natalie loved Mrs Hogan's word problem and Archie has been super busy too! I (hope) I have solved the problems with blogging and yesterday published 30 pieces of your work! Thank you to Katelyn for having patience with me while I sorted it!

Have a lovely day ahead children x


Tuesday 28th April

Good morning and special birthday greetings to Ella! Have a very Happy Birthday, we all send our love and best wishes.

It was lovely yesterday to be able to share your school reports with your parents - please remember to get in touch if you haven't already requested your child's report, so we can send it to you.

Please see Mr. Burkes's Mission for this week - we are so proud of how well you have all done so far, we are sure you will be able to achieve this mission. Keeping positive!

There are 2 new sub-pages here today, so check them out - some helpful hints for reading at home with your child and some great P.E challenges. For those of you who love singing, there is another website which you can access for singing sessions every weekday at 2.00pm   


So plenty to keep you busy! Keep safe and keep smiling!


Monday 27th April Summer Term!

Good morning children and welcome back! We hope you all had a very happy and holy Easter and have enjoyed lots of relaxation time with your families - the weather has certainly helped keep our spirits up, hasn't it? Well done to all of you who did so well in the Easter competitions, great to see so many of you mentioned on the Parish newsletter. Congratulations! We are looking forward to seeing more examples of the wonderful things you do, so don't forget to get in touch with us once a week to show us what you have achieved. Great to see posts on Twitter too. A reminder for your parents that they can request a copy of your report by contacting us through the class email or Parentlink. Hoping you are all refreshed and raring to go with Week 4 of your Home Learning - do keep in touch. It's great to be back in contact smiley

Armonico are keen to continue delivering our work with schools and young people and with that in mind they have devised a series of online singing workshops called Sing N Shine which will be available from Wednesday 22nd April.


The sessions will happen weekly at 2pm on Youtube Live and will be led by experienced Choir Leader Patrick Stockbridge.  Please find below a link to a short video from Patrick explaining what it’s all about:


The sessions are open to anyone and you simply need to log into theirYoutube channel to view them:


Let’s get singing! πŸŽΆ 

Picture 1

Thursday 9th April

Firstly we must say an 'Easter Happy Brithday' to Dexter on the 17th and Julia Z in the 21st! Enjoy your special day!


Well lovely children, we have reached the end of week three, today is Maundy Thursday. How do you think Peter would have felt on the day of the last supper, seeing his friend so troubled?


You have ALL made us so proud over the past few weeks working so hard at home to keep up with your learning and keeping a positive mindset in all you have achieved.  After your activites today please enjoy your Easter break with your family. There are some fun Easter activities in the Easter folder on the page if you want but get out in the garden, play games, tell jokes - have fun (turn the electrics off a bit too!) 


We will be back online 27.4.2020 for week 4 of home learning. 

Stay safe, stay at home and we wish you a happy and Holy Easter.

Year 4 team. xx


Happy Holy Wednesday children, as we journey with Christ through Holy Week we would like to share a blessing:

May the blessing of God who resides in our hopes and our dreams grant us peace. May the blessing of Jesus Who rides to wild acclaim and waving palm branches grant us peace. May the blessing of the Spirit Who holds us through our fears and our nightmares grant us peace… …on this Palm Sunday through the events of Holy Week to the cross of Good Friday and beyond to look for the hopes and dreams of the dawning of an Easter Morning


You hopefully have been working through the week 3 folder of activites, this week you have some fun DT and very important RE to focus on, are you keeping Peter's diary of Holy week? Well done to Louis, he has begun his.


As part of our Morning of Music eco project,  Maddie has made an informative powerpoint and Erin created her eco recycled hat, a super design and fits you well!  


Stay safe and happy, please just do as much as you can - as always, if you can- drop us one email this week just to show us your favourite piece of work or activity from the week that will be lovely.

Feel free to tweet away too we love seeing your tweets!  Two days until Easter weekend and then you will have earnt two weeks off! πŸ°πŸ₯•


* Extra challenge if you fancy a free language taster session pop to 




Tuesday 7th April

Good morning children

Internet savvy Sophia has managed to upload her stop animation to youtube and we have put a link to it on the work examples in the 'growth mindset and more' folder. Wow, it's so clever!


We have gone from hearing from 15 of you to all of you, it's so wonderful to know you are all happy and safe and trying really hard to complete your at home tasks. Please don't feel pressured to send us it all, we know you are all juggling lots of new responsibilities in these changing times, feel free to choose your favourite from the week to share. 


Most importantly, as it is Holy week, we hope you all read Mr Burke's mission yesterday and took some time to look at the Holy Monday discussion sheet. Today's is there ready too.  Are you going to make an Easter garden? Your entry needs to go to and you can tag CTK in a tweet of your design. 


Louis wrote this beautiful prayer. Maybe we can all make some time today to say it:


Dear Heavenly Father,

Please guide me to be Filled with faith and Hopeful in this difficult time. Help me to remember that whatever happens you will always be at my side, holding my hand, guiding me. Help me to remember that the Holy Spirit will keep me safe no matter how big or small the danger is.

Even though I cannot enter your house and I can no longer receive the Body of Christ, I can still receive the Eucharist through my heart which will make me Filled with Faith.




Monday 6th April

Hello Class 9, Week 3 of home learning already! You have all coped so well in these unusual times and we are adjusting to being teachers without any children in front of us! It is brilliant that you are keeping in touch and we were thrilled that even more of you contacted us at the end of last week. Thank you. If we haven't heard from you already, please do pop up to say hello and share one thing you've done - it does keep us smiling smiley

I hope you managed to watch mass on Sunday. I waved my palm leaf, did you? Father John would love to see photos of your palm leaves, so email him at 

Don't forget, you can take part in the Easter competitions too (details are on the Parish newsletter) - Father John is going to be busy judging everything, isn't he?

Have a good day, get some fresh air and sunshine

Very best wishes

Mrs Donaldson and Ms Cruz




Good morning Class 9! Can you believe it's Friday again? 

We do hope you are all well. Thank you for all your hard work this week, we have heard from 16 of our 30 so far and you are keeping us very busy with all your wonderful messages, we love seeing your work and growth mindset activites. 


We have read some wonderful prayers this week and as we enter in to holy week we have had a message from our friends Dan and Emily:

'Dan and Emily from One Life Music have kindly recorded a liturgy for schools and home. This will be a weekly event from now on (hence the title Weekly Worship and Song). This week you will be able to access it through the link below which will be available shortly. We hope that in future weeks we will also be able to put it directly on to the DES website. Do share it with as many children, families and staff as you can. It is such a wonderful way to bring us together as a community of prayer and I am sure that we will all be strengthened by it.'


We have had one or two enquiries about the worksheets from Twinkl, the children are very familiar with them so should enjoy the format. If you are stuck downloading the instructions are on the main page. We have now added a link to class 10 where the worksheets have been saved this week; so to avoid overloading the website please follow any of the links which suit you best. 


Did you manage to make a palm for Palm Sunday?  Do try to watch Mass with Fr Tom if you can. 

Have a restful weekend and be ready for more activities for week 3! 

Year 4 team. x




Thursday 2nd April, 


Good morning Class 9! Did anyone get tricked for April fool's? I did! My mum sent me a photo of a baby creature I thought it was real! (Half bat/ half dragon! Silly me!) 

Lots of lovely messages yesterday, so many of you, like Eden, beginning to think of Easter art which is wonderful. We have found some lovely ideas we will post for you on the class page. In the meantime Mrs William's wondered  it would be lovely if you could make a palm to help celebrate Palm Sunday.  You could use anything at all, paper, card, twigs, material, really use your imagination! Then on Sunday watch mass on line and wave your palm!

Lots of book reports too, well done Ralph. Who else has been reading a good book at home? We are reading Tom Gates, What monster? at the moment. 

Thank you to Alex for this super prayer for us


Dear God,


Please God help us during this difficult time.  I have faith in you that you will help us all. Please keep all our nurses and all key workers safe, and guide us to help others that are in need.


Amen .


Have a super day children. x




Wednesday 1st April

Good morning mes poissons d'avril! Check out how people celebrate today in France! We are thinking we are lucky not to be caught out by your April Fools' Day tricks today ..... but also wishing we could be with you all! You are keeping us smiling with all your lovely work and photos - what a creative bunch you are! Alongside written tasks, we've seen Clara busy creating the Taj Mahal, Eden being busy with artwork, Sophia making a card for Father Tom and the Deacons, Julia Z baking and Natalie enjoying fun in her garden as well as making some very impressive cup warmers out of fluffy socks! Plenty to smile about πŸ™‚ Even if you don't have any work to send right now, please just pop up to say hello - we're missing you! Virtual hugs to you all.


Tuesday 31st March

Greetings on yet another lovely sunny, crisp morning. Time today to get in your gardens for fresh air and exercise! Thanks for all your lovely work yesterday -wonderful global warming reports from Clara and Shea, work on time,spellings, artwork and reading from Clara, Shea, Natalie and Sophia. Work too from Archie who also wrote a wonderful letter to the NHS staff who are working tirelessly to keep us all safe. Keep sending us your work - remember that if you send us a video, it needs to be a maximum of 30 seconds please - see what you can cram into half a minute! Keep safe, keep smiling. We are thinking of each and every one of you and your families.


Monday 30th March

A bright good morning to you all on yet another sunny day. I love hearing the birds tweeting each morning, it always makes me smile. Hopefully you all remembered to change your clocks at the weekend - so now we are officially in British Summer Time. Can any of you find out why we change the time on our clocks? Let us know if you do! It has been so lovely looking at all your work and activities at home - keep them coming! There's plenty to do for week 2, so we look forward to hearing from you.

Keep safe and be happy.


Friday 27th March

Good morning lovelies. Approaching the end of this unusual week we thank you for keeping in touch and sending all your good wishes. You are obviously keeping busy with lots of activities and enjoying time with your families.Thank you for work yesterday from Sophia, Natalie and Aiden. Erin and Katelyn sent us wonderful powerpoints about global warming. Mrs. Donaldson was thrilled to see the work about French and languages - bravo! We've all enjoyed the lovely sunshine this week and Julia Z created her own which you can see in the picture. Have a lovely weekend, keep safe and be happy. Missing you all, virtual hugs and love from Mrs.Donaldson and Ms.Cruz xx