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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King


Annual Governance Statement 2017-18

The School Governors, in consultation with the Head Teacher and staff, develop the policies and standards for the good governance of the School. Responsibility for the implementation of policies and maintenance of standards is delegated to the Head Teacher and on to the staff. Governors make a positive contribution by bringing their experience to help the school provide the best possible education for every one of its pupils. Governors contribute to the development of the school in setting the school’s vision and the strategic framework within which the school operates; determining the character, aims and ethos of the school and developing and monitoring school policies, plans and procedures.


The Governing Body's work is focused on the three core functions of ensuring that the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school are clearly defined, that the Head Teacher performs his or her responsibilities for the educational performance of the school, and that there is sound, proper and effective use of the school’s financial resources. Governors adhere to an annually updated  Code of Conduct that sets out their responsibilities and what is expected of them.


Governors meet once each term as a Full Governing Body, and committees of typically 6 or 8 governors meet once each term in addition. Committees, such as Resources Management, Curriculum and Standards, Ethos, Performance Management and Pay look after specific areas of school governance and accountability. Individual governors have specific areas of responsibility which will involve them in school visits and discussions with appropriate school staff, and which they report on to the Governing Body as a whole.


The Governing Body re-constituted in August 2015, with 14 governors. Foundation governors are appointed by the Archbishop. Other governors are elected from time to time by the teaching and non-teaching staff, and by parents. The Governing Body can appoint one co-opted governor and the Local Authority also appoints one governor. Governors serve for four years, except co-opted governors who serve for one year.


The members of the governing body are:


Foundation Governors

  • Mrs L Moynihan - Chair
  • Mr J French - Vice Chair
  • Mrs I Murphy
  • Mr J Parnell
  • Mr J Jennette
  • Deacon K Millage


Local Authority Governor

  • Vacant


Parent Governors

  • Mrs M Waterhouse


Staff Governors

  • Mr P Burke



Governor Responsibilities & Interests

Name Status Appointed Responsibility/Committee Area Interest
Leanne Moynihan Foundation Governor Nov 2015

Chair of Governors

HT Performance Management

Resources Management
Curriculum & Standards



Pupil Premium

Senior Science Technician
Finham Park School
John French Foundation Governor Nov 2015

Vice-Chair of Governors

Health & Safety/Premises and Security

HT Performance Management



John French Electrical Services

Imelda Murphy Foundation Governor Nov 2015

Chair of Pay Committee

Resources Management


John Parnell Foundation Governor Feb 2018 Resources Management
HT Performance Management

Bid Director

Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd

James Jennette Foundation Governor April 2018 Chair of Curriculum & Standards Committee Humanities  
Deacon Keith Millage Foundation Governor Sept 2018

Curriculum and Standards

Chair of the Ethos Committee

Peter Burke Head Teacher Governor Sep 2017

Curriculum & Standards
Resources Management



  Head Teacher
Michelle Waterhouse Parent Governor Nov 2017 Curriculum & Standards EYFS HR
Elaine Williams Associate Member - not a governor, no voting rights Ethos RE Leader


Governors who have served in the last year

Susan Horrocks Staff Governor Jan 2015-2019 Curriculum and Standards Behaviour and Safety Class Teacher


Matters requiring the attention of the Governing body should be addressed in writing to the Chair of the Governors at the School's Address