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Have some fun

Some extra challenge ideas to try this week from the Year 4 team-
1. Try to begin a science fair project (remember Mrs Jackson explaining?) our examples were the bacteria growth on bread, which biscuit is best for dunking...

2. Create some art attacks using laundry (google it-  it's great fun!)
3. Create a sports routine.
4. If you planted, is there any action yet? Keep  looking for shoots.

5. Post it note wishes-write down something you wish you could do like visit their nan or have a sleepover and place it in a jar and then once this is over you read all the lovely things you want to do- and do them!

6. Paint a hard boiled Egg in the style of Easter and have a rolling competition with it- whose rolls the fastest.(if you manage to get eggs?) 

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We miss you all, take care and have a super week ahead and have a happy a holy Easter break, enjoy some time off with you family x