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Information, prompts and model work


Reading is an important life skill for children and something that we place at the heart of all we do at Christ the King Primary School. 


Reading as a skill, is split into two main components: decoding words and comprehending a text. With the introduction of the new curriculum, the expectations of reading have increased. There is now a larger emphasis on the children's comprehension of the books they are reading. There are many aspects of comprehension including: inference, analysis of language, predictions, comparisons, retrieval and summarising. 


Children in years 2-5 all have a Reading Comprehenion Record. The purpose of these books is for children to show and cement their comprehension of the texts they are reading and also to help promote a love of reading. 


The Comprehension Reading Records are split into fiction and non fiction activities and those activities that can be completed whilst still reading the book and once the book has been finished. Children are encouraged to complete a range of the different activities. 


The minimum expectation for children is to complete a minimum of one activity per week. As a guide, these activities should be taking approximately 15-20 minutes in Key Stage Two and 10-15 minutes in Key Stage One.


The activities completed by children will be acknowledged by teachers and marked once a week. We hope you that enjoy completing these activities with your children and share a love of reading. 


Please look below at some model examples of activities completed by children. 

Year 2

Year 2 1
Year 2 2
Year 2 3

Year 3

Year 3 1

Year 4

Year 4 1
Year 4 2
Year 4 3
Year 4 4

Year 5

Year 5 1
Year 5 2
Year 5 3
Year 5 4
Year 5 5
Year 5 6