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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Nursery Afternoon

We are getting ready for our Reception year and are focusing upon recognising sounds and mathematics.  Help you child practise their letter and number formation and listening out to sounds in words.


Humpty Dumpty Challenge

Our Humpty Dumpty Challenge for this half term is to hold a pencil in a tripod grip.

Please encourage your child to hold a pencil correctly as this will help them with writing in a comfortable way.

Good Luck!






Sound of the Week

S s A a T t

 We are revising these letters.  

Use your alphabet handwriting mat to find these letter and practise writing them.  See how many objects your child can think of that begin with these sounds.  Draw pictures, write lists, etc. Bring in the evidence and we will pop it in your learning journal.

Check out the phonics (letter sounds) section on our page for some resources.