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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Our Lady of Walsingham

My speech for being head of our Lady Of Walsingham


Good afternoon, my name is Orla Sinclair

I believe I would make a fantastic House Captain for Our Lady Of Walsingham because I believe that to be a great house captain you have to trust your family and friends and all the amazing people around you if you don’t have those people around you who would you be in the world and always remember to believe in yourself . And never give up.


This job as a house captain is special to me because all my life I have been scared to stand up in front of this school and because it is my last primary school year so I’m giving it a go  so I can remember this one memory above all the other good memories and so I will never forget Christ the king catholic primary school year 6

I promise to show you how to be an amazing leader and to show you how important it is too I promise to show a good example and to always be available for anybody who needs my help I promise to be fair with the house points and I would love to be able to follow the footsteps of our lady


My intentions for the year are to get everybody to take part in every chance you get because you may regret it . prizes will be awarded for taking part I will always be loving and kind so please vote for me.