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Phonics at Home

At Home

 Websites to support your child’s learning at home:  

Jolly Phonics songs are great for extra practice. This programme is loved by children as it is multi-sensory. It stimulates learning by using as many of the children's senses as possible, including the senses of touch and movement as well as sight and sound. You can get involved and learn at home too!

This has a good selection of Phonics games that can be played at home. Your class teacher will keep 

you up to date about the Phase your child is currently completing.

This is a great, multi-sensory website for students mastering the first stages of reading. It is free.

 First Steps covers Letters and Sounds Phases 2 and 3 while Fun with Words covers Letters and 

Sounds up until the end of Phase 4.

Oxford Owl has a range of brilliant games, 150 free ebooks and loads of interactive activities to encourage reading at home.

Help your child with their knowledge of 'Letters and Sounds'.


Phonics Play Lots of excellent games to play with your children. By clicking on the 'parents' section, you will find lots more information on helping your child at home.


Communication For All This site has lots of visual, bright resources and games to play. The best resource is the ‘Interactive Phonic Presentation with Songs’ – this is found by scrolling to the bottom of the webpage. This is a selection of Jolly Phonics songs that your children can sing along with. We advise you to download the file and save it to use on your desktop.


Family Learning - Phonics This website has a variety of games to access with your children at home. It brings together games from BBC Schools, ICT Games, Kent Ed and Crickweb.


Year 2 - 6 Phonics This BBC site is geared towards Year 2 Phonics (Phase 6). It has lots of exciting games where the children listen to the sounds and blend them together to make words.


Phonics with Mr Thorne! Mr Thorne was a teacher who came up with a fantastic idea of uploading his videos of Phonics teaching onto the Internet.  His website is full of videos for all of the Phases and they are ideal to share with your children.


Have fun exploring the world of Phonics!