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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Religious Education

Christ the King Mission Statement

Christ the King Catholic Primary School provides an excellent, Christ centred education through inspirational teaching and empowerment of all pupils to reach their full potential spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and morally, in a happy, caring, stimulating environment promoting self-esteem and confidence.

At Christ the King Catholic Primary School we follow the Learning and Growing as People of God strategy which is provided by the Archdiocese of Birmingham.    Through the RE Curriculum and Sacramental preparation, the children in Year 3 prepare for their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion and Year 6 for their Confirmation.  This enables to children to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of their faith. The children are very well supported by the Father Tom and the Deacons at Christ the King.


The children participate in weekly Mass on a rota basis and Year 6 read regularly at 9.00am Mass on Sundays.  We have a good number of children who serve on the altar and sing in the choir.  We have a wonderful Carol Service during the last week of the Autumn Term and the children attend weekly Benediction during Advent.  We have found that this has a most positive impact on our children, staff and parents.  During Lent, the children attend weekly Stations of the Cross led by Year 6, parents and grandparents also support this very well.


During the Year of Mercy, all the children in KS2 travelled to Saint Mary's and walked through their Door of Mercy.  The children were exhilarated by this experience and said our own Three o'clock Prayer with great reverence every Friday. 


We have an Advent and Lent Club held on both sites which are very well attended by the children.  This gives them a little more insight into these Liturgical Seasons.


We have an established Chaplaincy Team here at Christ the King who work with other children in different year groups both in our school and at Saint Elizabeth's. 


Learning and Growing as the People of God

Curriculum Overview


Unit NA - Creation, God the Creator                        Unit NB - God our Father Cares for Us  

Unit NC - Advent, Getting Ready                             Unit ND - Christmas, Mary the Mother of Jesus

Unit NE - Baptism, My Name                                   Unit NF - God's Family

Unit NG - Lent, Jesus and His Father                        Unit NH - Holy Week, Hearing

Unit NI - Easter, 'Alluluia'                                        Unit NJ - Pentecost, The Air Around Us

Unit NK - Special Celebrations                                 Unit NL - Continuous Unit, Throughout the Year



Unit RA - Creation, God's Gifts                                 Unit RB - People Who Care for Us

Unit RC - Advent, Four Weeks                                  Unit RD - Christmas

Unit RE - Baptism                                                   Unit RF - People Who Help Us

Unit RG - Lent                                                        Unit RH - Holy Week

Unit RI - Easter                                                      Unit RJ - Pentecost

Unit RK - Prayer                                                     Unit RL - Continuous Unit 


Year 1

Unit A - Creation                                                    Unit B - Families and Celebration

Unit C - Prayer                                                       Unit D - Advent

Unit E - Christmas                                                   Unit F - Jesus, Teacher and Healer

Unit G - Forgiveness                                                Unit H - Lent

Unit I - Holy Week                                                   Unit J - Easter

Unit K - Pentecost                                                    Unit L - Sharing Jesus' Life

Unit M - Following Jesus Today


Year 2

Unit A - Old Testament, Stories and Prayers              Unit B - Sharing in the Life of Jesus

Unit C - Advent                                                      Unit D - Christmas

Unit E - Parables and Miracles                                  Unit F - Special Celebrations

Unit G - Lent                                                          Unit H - Holy Week

Unit I - Easter                                                        Unit J - Pentecost

Unit K - Our Church                                                Unit L - The Mass   


Year 3

Unit A - Belonging, We Gather as God's Family          Unit B - Reconciliation

Unit C - Advent                                                      Unit D - Christmas

Unit E - We Listen to God's Word at Mass                  Unit F - Lent

Unit G - Prayer                                                       Unit H - Holy Week

Unit I - Easter                                                        Unit J - The Eucharist is a Thanksgiving to God

Unit K - Pentecost


Year 4

Unit A - Creation and the Story of Abraham to Joseph   Unit B - Jesus Teaches us how to Pray

Unit C - Advent                                                         Unit D - Christmas

Unit E - Jesus, Light of the World and Beloved Son       Unit F - Old Testament Moses - King David

Unit G - Lent, Loving as Followers of Jesus                   Unit H - Holy Week

Unit I - Easter                                                           Unit J - Pentecost

Unit K - Sharing in the Life of Christ                             Unit L - Special Roles and Responsibilities


Year 5

Unit A - Creation                                                       Unit B - Miracles and The Sacrament of the Sick

Unit C - Advent                                                         Unit D - Christmas

Unit E - Baptism                                                        Unit F - Parables and Sayings of Jesus

Unit G - Lent                                                             Unit H - Holy Week

Unit I - Easter                                                           Unit J - Pentecost

Unit K - The Work of the Apostles                                Unit L - Marriage and Holy Orders


Year 6

Unit A - The Story of the People of God                        Unit B - Followers of Christ

Unit C - Advent                                                          Unit D - Christmas

Unit E - Baptism and Confirmation Celebrations             Unit F - Lent

Unit G - Prayers in the Lives of Followers of Christ          Unit H - Holy Week

Unit I - Easter                                                             Unit J - Pentecost

Unit K - Belonging to the Church Community                  Unit L - Celebrating the Lives of Mary and the Saints



The children have been finding out about the season of Lent through their art. We talked about being prayerful, loving and sacrificing.

20.05.2016. Today Year 1 used drama and music to talk about the story of Pentecost. The children really had a great time .

Spring Term 2016

Art Work for the Year of Mercy with Artist Claire Flynn

Please click on the Art and Design page below.