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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King


CTK Virtual Science Fair


Thank you to everyone who entered. The standard was amazing!


There are three winning categories.


The winners for the Video Category are:


First place: Isabel- Class 14 

Second Place: Michael - Class 14

Third place: Eden- Class 3

The winners for the Photograph Category are:

First place: Jasmine- Class 13

Second Place: Molly - Class 13

Third place: Sienna- Class 10



West Hill Road: 

First place: Matthew Class 2

Second Place:  Eve and Erin - Classes 7 and 4

Third place: Sara Class 3


Thank you to all the parents for your continued support.


Eden's Butter Challenge

Still image for this video



We will be having a Science Fair in the Summer Term. 


Please ask your class Science Ambassador for more information.




Mrs Jackson


As part of our Science curriculum, we have been studying plants. We planted pepper, chard and lettuce seeds. It was very exciting as we watch them grow.

Danger at Saint Magnets


The Kinetic Theatre came on 13th March to give us a wonderful performance called Danger at Saint Magnets.


The play began in the headmasters office at St Magnet’s School in the sleepy village of Upper Copperbottom. School secretary, Mrs Dingleberry, was suffering from a bad back which presented a problem when some steel cutlery was dropped to the floor. However, she managed to ‘fish’ for it using a magnet attached to a fishing line.


Later, an impending village jumble sale inspired lady of the church Miss Trundle to organise the jumble into 2 groups. One was for natural materials and one for man-made materials and she enlisted the help of the audience to sort these.


One of the characters was a jeweller and he bought some of Miss Trundle’s metallic jumble in order to make some bangles. The properties of the metals were discovered with the help of some Christ the King teachers.


In getting to the village, the headmaster Mr Bunting had to cross an electric cattle fence and Mrs Dingleberry advised him to use her rubber gloves. At this stage the characters investigated the properties of electrical conduction.


Children from reception right through to Year 6 fully enjoyed this fascinating scientific and fact filled performance!


The Science behind the Fun:


The science concepts in the show were:


• The children were encouraged to use their senses to recognise materials and to sort materials into groups of natural and man-made.

• Simple properties (appearance, transparency, magnetic or non-magnetic) were demonstrated.

• The reasons for choosing a variety of materials for specific uses were examined