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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Space research from home.

We have been researching about space with our grown ups.  We have made posters, created pictures and much more.  Take a look.
Picture 1 "A smiley moon and smiley sun." by Archie
Picture 2 "Planets are big. The ringed planet"
Picture 3 "Planets and stars" by Krzysztof
Picture 4 "Neil Armstrong" in space by Katelyn
Picture 5 "It's a mummy alien and a baby alien" by Kitty
Picture 6 "Loads of stars and an alien" by Kitty
Picture 7 "A big ring around Saturn" by Rose
Picture 8 "Luca's bedroom" from Ava
Picture 9 "Saturn has a big ring around it" by Ava
Picture 10 "I made a rocket."
Picture 11 "It's Neil Armstrong." Ava
Picture 12 "It lands on the moon and the stars shine" by Ava