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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King



Head Teacher

Mr P Burke


Deputy Head Teacher

Miss J Riach


Senior Leadership Team


Mrs A Taylor

Mrs S Horrocks

Mrs K Rossiter

Assistant Head Teacher

EYFS Leader

Assistant Head Teacher

KS1 Leader

Assistant Head Teacher

KS2 Leader


Class Management & Responsibilities



Mrs C Farrell



Class 1

Mrs A Taylor


Class 2

Miss L Di Maria


Yr 1

Class 3

Miss N Duffin


Class 4

Mrs S Horrocks


Yr 2

Class 5

Miss R Sidwell


Class 6

Mrs J Jackson


Yr 3

Class 7

Mrs E Williams


Class 8

Miss McKeown


Yr 4

Class 9

Mrs R Donaldson/Ms K Cruz


Class 10

Miss A Jones  


Yr 5

Class 11

Mrs K Rossiter


Class 12

Mrs M Walsh


Yr 6

Class 13

Miss C Sullivan


Class 14

Mrs E Scott/Mrs L Hogan


Mrs D Nicol

2 days


Mrs C Molloy

3 days SEND


 Teaching Assistants



Mrs S Thompson



Mrs C Hogan



Miss D Bowen



Mrs K Burke



Mrs L Davis



Mrs H Farrell



Mrs H Healey



Mrs L Hogan



Mrs S Jackson



Mrs S Lewis



Ms D Mann



Mrs L McDonnell



Mrs P O'Connor



Mrs C O'Rourke



Mrs T Skelly



Mr K Turley



Mrs D Whelan



Mrs D Walton


Learning Mentor

Ms T Hagyard




Mr C Hadlum



Admin & Support





Admin Team

Mrs N Bansal

Miss K New

Miss K Peavoy

Mrs H Wyatt

Admin Manager

Clerical Assistant

Clerical Assistant

Clerical Assistant

Site Service Officer

Mr A Willetts



Dining Room Supervisors


Ms D Mann

Mrs N Newsome



Dining Room Assistants

Mrs N Begum

Mrs W Daly

Mrs N Foster

Mrs K Gallivan

Mrs K Goralczyk

Miss M McCann

Mrs C Murphy

Mrs M Noone

Mrs S Rooke

Mrs E Strumidlo

Mr K Turley

Miss J Wellings


 Cleaning Staff

Mrs A Horgan

Mrs K Kavanagh

Mr T Singh

Mr T Skelly

Mr K Turley


 Children's Club


Mrs P O’Connor

Mrs S Gavin

Mrs L McDonnell


Play Leader

Play Leader

Play Worker