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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Summer Term 2016

Johann Sebastian Bach

Below are our oil pastel pictures. We used a mixture of colours and were able to smudge and rub them in with our fingers to create a desired effect. 


We we listened to Bach's happy and upbeat music and chose appropriate colours to reflect this and drew whatever came into our minds when we listened to Bach's music. We had lots of bright colours and rainbows showing that the music made us feel happy.


Below are out works of art: 


In class we listened to music by Bach and discussed whether we liked or disliked his works and identified various instruments played. Also, we discovered how Germany at the time and Bach's culture shaped his music. We found out that Bach has an astonishing 20 children and he also shares a birthday with Miss McHugh!

Roman Music 




In class 8 we listened to Roman music, the type of instruments they had at the time and discussed our preferences. 

Here are some of our thoughts on Roman music in class 8: 


"It makes me happy and reminds me of Irish music." (Dermott)


"This music makes me feel calm and I enjoy listening to it when I'm doing my work." (Emily)          


"I can hear lots of wind instruments in Roman music!" (Jack).          


Through our research on the i-pads, we discovered that Roman instruments actually look quite similar to modern day instruments so must still be quite popular. We saw that they had strung instruments played by hands and bows, similar to modern guitars and violins. We also noticed they used a large number of wind instruments that resemble modern day flutes and recorder. These instruments were played by using the mouth.


Below are our sketches and information posters about Roman instruments: