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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Good morning messages from Miss Jones



Good morning everyone and a very happy Monday to you all!


Wow, can you believe we are now entering what would have been our last half term in year four? You have all worked so hard given the circumstances and I am so very proud of you all. Fingers crossed we will be able to see each other again soon when it is safe to do so.


I hope that you all had a wonderful half term and managed to enjoy the sunshine? I tried to sunbathe, but I ended up looking like a lobster despite having factor 50 on and only being in the sun for a short while - I spent the rest of the week under the parasol. Ms Mann sent me a funny picture of her foot – she has a big tan line across it from her sliders! I also managed to do some planting in the garden and have loved seeing the flowers grow and bloom.


As you are aware, plans are being put in place to start setting school up to enable more children to return. This does mean that I may not be able to respond to your messages as quickly as I have been doing, so please understand that I haven’t forgotten you and I am not ignoring you! I am just having to do other tasks too at the moment and I know that you will be patient.


I received some wonderful emails of work over the half term, so I have added those to the week 7 folder. All work from this week will be added to the week 8 folder where you will also find the home-learning mat and relevant worksheets for this week. If you have any questions about the work set, please don’t hesitate to email me.


I hope you all have a wonderful day and are raring to work after a week off,


Lots of love, Miss Jones xxxxxx




It's Fridaaaaaaay!


Can you believe it?! What a week laugh I am soooo proud of all of you for how hard you have worked and have loved hearing about all the exciting things you have been up to. I have seen some wonderful instruments of all kinds (check out the photos) great poems, bakes and vegetable plots too! 


As always, we must start today by celebrating our class mates who have been fantastic this week. This is a really tricky job as a teacher to pick someone as you are all equally doing a great job each week. However, there must only be one person who gets the Secrets to Success award and this week it goes to Max! wink Well done Max, I am so so proud of you and thrilled to hear that you have been acing your multiplication! Your hard work and resilience has really paid off! 


Our Head Teacher award this week goes to Alvin. What a trooper you have been Alvin working soooo hard for our school and class in the TTRockstars battle. You've shown you are a great team player, well done! Not only have you dedicated so much time to the competition but you also haven't let your other work slide and have produced fantastic work to a high standard. We are so proud of you!



So today is the last day of this half term and the last day of the TTRockstars battle. Currently we are in 1st place as a school (you need to click on school score, not average user) wahoo! As a class we are currently in 7th position across all schools - way to go teamies!!! I can see that some of you haven't logged on for a while so please try and get online for a little while today but remember that your other work is equally as important.


Talking of your other work, I am so thrilled to see so many of you reading on Get Epic! We have read over 500 books collectively!! With this glorious weather we have it is the perfect opportunity to log on and read a book for free in the sunshine (or in my case shade). Our login code is on our home learning mat. Books can really transport you to magical places. If you read any good ones over the half term, let me know when we're back to working so that I can share them.



Have a wonderful day and an even better half term holiday. I too will be taking some time to relax and spend time with my family over the holidays so I shall speak to you all on Monday 1st June.


Take care,

Love Miss Jones xxxxxxx






Good morning my little darlings. 


I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine yesterday, it looks like we're in luck for good weather for the next two weeks, wahooo! Sunshine makes me soooo happy!


It is a Holy Day of obligation today as it is the Ascension of Our Lord.  We would have been attending Mass if we had been at school so it would be lovely if we could all meet virtually for Mass at 9:30 this morning. I am in school today so we will definitely be watching it in school.


We are doing really well on the TTRockstars battle and are currently in second place. Keep pushing children, we can catch St John Vianney yes If everyone spends 10 minutes on it, maybe if you need a shade break, then have a go as every little helps to getting us into first place. 


How are you all getting on with your handwriting? I do hope you are focusing on those cursive joins- remember don’t rush. It would be lovely if you had a go at editing some of the work you have done too. Grab a funky purple (or any colour) pen and see if you can up level some of the vocabulary and find some spelling mistakes to correct. Very important skills ready for Year 5.


Thanks again for all your lovely emails and messages. I love hearing from you and seeing your wonderful work and smiling faces. Keep them coming :) 


Have a lovely day,

Miss Jones xxxxx




Happy Wednesday my little darlings!


Today is set to be another glorious day so make sure you take the opportunity to get outside. I know I'll be taking my laptop outside to do some work as far as the wifi will allow me to. If you're anything like me and were blessed with fair Irish skin, make sure you smother yourself in sunscreen (even if you do tan well put it on, there's nothing worse than a burn!)


We have three days left for our TT Rock Stars battle and are currently in second place overall and third place as a class amongst the other classes in our school. Try and log on for at least ten minutes a day, remember every little helps :)


Tomorrow is a Holy Day of Obligation, it is the day where Jesus ascended into heaven. If we were at school we would all be celebrating together by going to mass. It would be lovely if we could virtually celebrate together by tuning into 9:30 Mass. It will be a lovely service and it is important to keep saying our prayers, especially during these times.


I have loved hearing from you all and I am beyond impressed with all the work that has come my way so far as well as seeing your little faces enjoying learning life skills and having fun. I am also very grateful for the recipes and tips for baking - I can't wait to work my way through them.


I hope you all have a wonderful day children, I miss you all sooooo much!

Love Miss Jones xxxxxx




Happy Tuesday everyone!


I hope you all had a great start to the week yesterday. I know many of you have been super busy on TT Rockstars and I was so pleased to see many of you in the top 100. Please make sure that you log on and have a go as it is really important that you all are fluent with your times tables -  the competition side of it is just an added element of fun! We are currently second place across the schools however yesterday there was one point where we did overtake St John Vianney, we can do it again! We are currently third place behind class 13 and class 12 in the CtK leaderboard so if you all dig deep and spend 10 minutes a day on there we should hopefully overtake them! yes


It was lovely to hear from so many of you yesterday. Rose sent across a lovely acrostic poem and Kiki sent me a video showing her skills in clothes making. I was also thrilled to see Sienna challenging herself in Maths and Max's awesome musical instrument. Noah had me drooling again over lemon drizzle cake and Daniel has written a pretty awesome write-up of his science experiment. Krzysztof M has also been working extremely hard with his maths and Esme and Kitty were busy writing and answering comprehension questions for each other - all of this and it's only Tuesday morning! Well done children :) Remember each of you will have your own little routines by now or perhaps may have days where you feel a little funny and don't feel like working. That is okay too, we all cope and deal with things differently and all work differently too. Remember not to compare yourself to others, you are all wonderfully unique and as long as you are happy and try your best then that is all that matters.


I hope you all have a wonderful day, 

Miss Jones xxxx




Good morning everyone, can you believe it is Monday again already?


I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend after another fantastic week of working hard. This weeks work is in the week 7 folder on our class page. As usual, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me :) Remember to try your best and that it is not a race to get everything finished first. It is also equally important to keep doing things that make you smile too! 


I gave baking another whirl this weekend after seeing so many of your lovely bakes and recipes (thanks again for those!) I tried the cake in the mug Noah but I think I got the mixture wrong so I will have to try again! I did however manage to make oreo topped millionaire shortbread which turned out well if I may say so myself. Eva T's carrot cake is next on my list (I'll be working my way through them all, don't worry!) Here is a pic of my baking! I sprayed it with edible gold spray too just to be a little 'extra'.

I am sooooo happy to report that when I last looked we were coming second in the battle of the schools on TTRockstars, 3rd overall out of the classes in our school and get this... Alvin is coming third over all in our school AND 6th overall out of all the children from across all five primary schools from years 2-6 .... GO ALVIN!! I have no doubt that we can have more of you in the top ten so make sure you get on and give it a go, every point counts! yes


We also have another sporting competition across Coventry Primary schools this week which can be found here:   under sports challenges. The cricket one looks really fun and there are chances to win certificates too :) More details can be found in those documents.


Don't forget this is the last week for getting your science experiments done too. I have seen some awesome experiments taking place across our school so far. 


Have a wonderful day children! Let's make this week even better than last,


Miss Jones xheartxheartx




Looks like I'm not the only one in need of a haircut, Theo and Milo need one too! 




Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe it?!


Another week has passed and I'm missing you all more than ever! Especially so that I am reminded on a daily basis of how amazing you all are - I may be biased but I definitely have the best class at CtK!


It has been a busy week and I have loved seeing all the wonderful things you have been doing and all the learning that has taken place.


Today our Secrets to Success award goes to Callum! Callum I am so proud of you for your constant effort with your work. I loved your fitness routine this week and even gave it a go when I got home from school - it was great! Well done and keep up the great work.

Our Headteacher award this week is for Niamh. Niamh has continued to impress me with her learning and her presentation. She has now taken things a step further and is challenging herself in learning new ways to present her work - it is fantastic! Keep it up Niamh, we are very proud of you.

There are so many highlights from this week, you have all worked so hard. As always I will post photos and work to our week six folder but here are a few that stood out:

- Daniel, Kaleb, Dylan and Michael have been working extremely hard on TTRockstars - I loved seeing your names yesterday on the leaderboard.

- Kiki has been busy delivering food supplies to health workers, what a fantastic thing to do!

- Esme has made an awesome hover design project for her science fair experiment, it is SO cool!

- Charlotte now has a new pizza oven and has been making her own pizzas which look seriously tasty!

- So many of you (if not all of you) had a wonderful VE day and made lots of yummy cakes and food whilst sitting in your front gardens. What a wonderful day!

- Lots of you wrote instructions for your bakes you have been making which I now can't wait to try and recreate. Eva T, Alexa, Noah, Lucy, Sienna and Kaleb your food looked incredible! 

- Max has written a lovely prayer for Mary along with an illustration. 



There is so much to celebrate! You are all working so hard at home along with your parents support which I am forever grateful for. Think of something you have done this week that you are proud of and give yourself a big clap. 



Today I would really appreciate it if you could all logon to TTRockstars. It would be great to see us further up the Leaderboard in school too as well as in the main battle. Remember we only have 7 days left so lets get rockin!


Have a wonderful weekend, sending virtual hugs!


Love Miss Jones xxxxx




Good morning gang, how are we all today?


I have loved seeing all the photos of your work, VE day celebrations, fun things you have been up to and your tweets, keep it up! I will continue to add them to the week six folder. Remember if you are struggling with any work, or perhaps just fancy a little chat then send me an email. I love hearing from you all. smiley


Remember today marks the start for the TTRockstars battle across the MAC. I need as many of you, if not all of you, to have a go! Get online between now and the 22nd May and choose to play in any game type you like. Don't get upset if you're not getting a high score straight away, that will come with practice! All of you joining in and having a go will give us a better chance of winning, I know we can do it!!yes


Remember to send across any science experiments you are doing, I have had a couple come through so far which have been excellent!


As it is Thursday it means it's that time of week again where we really get to celebrate our NHS workers. They have been doing an incredible job as have many other key workers. My dogs even love to join in during the clap, they run around barking making lots of noise! Who else will be joining in tonight?


Have a wonderful day everyone,

All my love,

Miss Jones xxxxxxx










Good morning my little angels,


I can't quite believe it is Wednesday already! You have already completed two school days this week and already the work I have been sent is fabulous. yes I can see you are all working very hard which is great. Remember it is a marathon and not a race so please don't feel you have to do it all in one go and if something is difficult try not to get upset over it. Instead take a break from it to do something that makes you happy and go back to it later, or just drop me an email and I will help in any way I can.


I have looked on Get Epic and can see lots of you have been reading on there which is great! So far a total of 320 books have been read - that is wonderful! I found a magic trick book on there which teaches you lots of magic illusions using items you have around the house. I've assigned it to you all to have a look at if you wish. Remember the login details to Get Epic can be found in the class six folder. 


Tomorrow is the start of the TTRockstars battle, it'd be great to see some of you in the top 10! Let's show everyone how amazing you are and I'll get a little surprise for anyone who manages to get into the top 10 as a little incentive wink


I hope you all have a wonderful day children, don't forget to send me photos or tweets if you haven't already. I love hearing from you :)


Take care,

Miss Jones xxxxxxx





Good morning my little darlings!


I hope you all had a good day yesterday and have managed to familiarise yourselves with this weeks home learning mat, any questions drop me an email as I'm happy to help. Remember you don't have to do it all in one day, I know it can feel a little overwhelming at times. I'd start with doing the tasks you can do independently to give your parents a chance to catch up on their work and other jobs they have to do around the house. Remember to keep doing your best and try not to compare yourself to others.  smiley 


Remember that the Virtual Science Fair has started and you have until the end of the month to submit your investigation. Details are in our week 6 folder. Well done to those that have already entered! You may want to look online or at our class pictures in the week six folder for inspiration.


You may have noticed that in the news letter last week there were poems written by some children from school. It'd be lovely if you wanted to write a poem to be featured in this weeks news letter about staying home and keeping safe. You're all fabulous writers, let your talents shine!


Thank you for all the emails I received yesterday, the work again was fabulous and is up in our week 6 folder for you all to see. I'm glad so many of you are taking the time to have fun and learn new and exciting things around the house and in your gardens too! Keep it up and please continue to send work through via twitter or email :) I love hearing from you! Thanks again to parents for all of your hard work, it is greatly appreciated.


Have a lovely Tuesday everyone,

Ms Mann and I are missing you lots and lots,

Miss Jones xxxxx






Good morning lovelies, 


I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. I know many of you had lovely plans to commemorate VE day so I hope they were successful - I saw photos of lovely bakes you made, bunting, pictures, board games you've designed and even some dressing up! 


I have received some great photos from your celebrations and some excellent work from Friday and the weekend. I have added all of these to the week 6 folder which is where you will also find work for this week. The next challenge from Ms Mann is also in the folder on the main class 10 page as well as Mrs Hogan's challenges! 


Remember to send photos to twitter or drop me an email and I will get back to you tomorrow as I'm away from the laptop today.


Have a lovely day of learning, 


Lots of love, Miss Jones  xxxx







Good morning class 10! 


Where has this week disappeared to? I cannot believe it is Thursday already and that we have a three day weekend! What a fabulous week you have all appeared to have. It looks as though lots of learning and fun has taken place inside your homes.


As tomorrow is a bank holiday (more on that in a moment) we will be celebrating our successes for the week today.


First up is the secrets to success winner. This week goes to Rose - well done Rose! Week in and week out you have worked relentlessly hard. I am so impressed with all of the work you have produced that it makes it hard to pick just one! So this weeks award is for going above and beyond in everything you do - no change there! Well done you :)


This weeks Head Teacher award goes to Krzysztof M. Krzysztof, Mr Burke and I were so impressed with your work you conducted on Marie Curie. It was evident how much time, effort and care you put into it. Well done, we are very proud!


There are so many children for us to celebrate today:

  • This week Daniel has been busy competing in Ms Mann's challenges (the new ones will be uploaded as soon as I receive them) he has also produced wonderful RE work and made bird feeders.
  • Kaleb has been busy working away on his hero speech and has been looking for ways and ideas to perfect it. He has also made what looked like a very yummy blueberry crumble loaf!
  • Niamh has wowed me with her ability to use Excel to produce bar charts for her Maths work this week -she is going to teach me when we are back at school too!
  • Esme has further researched Stephen Hawkins for her speech and used extremely sophisticated language to argue why he is a hero in history.
  • Max has been busy completing his Reading work and maths!


Well done to all of you, keep the hard work up and who knows maybe next week you'll be the certificate winners. If I haven't heard off you this week please send me an email to let me know you're all good :)


So, I mentioned earlier that tomorrow is a Bank Holiday. I know many have you been preparing for tomorrows celebration of VE day, a day which commemorates the official of WW2. Although we can't be together to celebrate I know many of you have lovely plans with your families and have made bunting or pictures to stick up around the house and some of you are having an afternoon tea party. Don't forget to send photos across of your day and take a moment to pause and pray for all those people who lost their lives and those who put their lives at risk today fighting for our British values.


Have a lovely long weekend, and I shall speak to you all on soon,


Love Miss Jones






Good morning my little darlings,


We are only half way through the working week and already you have blown me away with your hard-working efforts.


On our class page there is a new star that will link you to Mrs Hogan’s weekly puzzles and challenges. They look like great fun, try and get involved!


As well as her amazing school work, I have heard that Eva T may have found her calling as she continues to impress her family in the kitchen with her wonderful dishes and bakes. On Friday she is baking for her family afternoon tea party to celebrate VE day. I’m starting to think you could apply for Junior Bake Off!

Adrian has also been extremely busy with his learning and impressed me with his wonderful story which had lovely description and great use of similes.

Daniel has enjoyed doing Ms Mann’s daily challenges and enjoyed some outdoor learning yesterday afternoon.

Niamh has also been working incredibly hard and I hear she been putting a lot of effort into her triptych, I can’t wait to see the finished result!

Sienna has created a wonderful speech as Darwin and has worked really hard on writing WOW sentences. She has also made  bunting for VE day on Friday – what a lovely idea.

Esme has been improving her fluency and recall of multiplication and is now managing to correctly answer many questions in under two minutes – I have a good feeling she’ll do well in the TT Rockstars battle.

Max has been working very hard on his maths and reading, I am so proud of your resilience Max!

Noah has  written a humours speech for his history work, I was very impressed! He has also been busy making cakes in a mug and then burning them off on a family 5K run. His mum has given me the link to the recipe which I am definitely going to try out :


It looks as though the sun is here to stay for another few days which I am very grateful for. If you get a chance, make the most of it by getting outside even if it is just for a little while.


Have a lovely day children, don’t forget to drop me an email at some point this week if you haven’t already! Keep being wonderful,


Miss Jones xxxxx




Happy Tuesday everyone!


I hope you all had a lovely start to the week yesterday. Hopefully you have managed to find your work set for this week, remember any problems drop me an email and I'll do my best to reply as soon as I can. You may have seen on twitter that from the 14th - 22nd May we have another TT Rockstars battle only this time against the other schools in our MAC. I would love to see some children from our class in the top ten so use this time wisely beforehand to practise!



Ms Mann's second PE challenge was up yesterday, did anyone manage to have a go? I saw that Daniel had a go and did very well! Every time I threw the ball Theo tried to catch it, probably didn't help that it was his tennis ball. Milo on the other hand was poorly yesterday, I think he may have eaten something in the field. He was extremely clingy and kept lying on my laptop which was on my lap, wanting to cuddle constantly which made replying to emails and getting work done rather tricky at times, ha! He's got a wagging tale again now though so I'm hoping he'll be back to himself today. It's not like him to not inhale his food! Ms Mann's third PE challenge is now in the folder on our class page, give it a go and see if you can film it and send it via twitter or email.


I heard that yesterday Charlotte had a lovely birthday and by the look of the pictures she had some wonderful presents. I loved the unicorn balloon!

I also noticed that Esme has been busy making PPE, what a wonderful and creative idea using items from around the house too!

Daniel has taken a leaf out of Lottie's book and has put a wonderful drawing up (with help from mum) in his window to celebrate VE day. Don't forget we celebrate VE day on Friday children - if you get a chance you might want to do some reading up about it.

Well done to Sienna who has been working hard on multi clause sentences this week, I can't wait to read your work!


Did anyone manage to do PE with Joe yesterday? I thought it was wonderful that his wife showed the moves due to his injury - now that is team work! 


I know lots of you have been writing on our class blog and I'm thrilled that you are all so keen. However, at this moment in time the blog keeps crashing and I am unable to access it at the moment so until further notice can I ask that you refrain from writing on there. I would hate for you to lose your work or for me not to be able to see it after all your hard efforts.


It may seem a little early but I wanted to give you the heads up. Next week we are holding a virtual Science fair. I will be adding extra information to next weeks home learning but I have decided to mention it now so you can start to have a think. 

Over the month of May you will have the opportunity to enter our Virtual Science Fair. Entries must ask a scientific question and attempt to answer it - there are lots of examples online. Please email a photograph to me by the end of the month - good luck!


Have another wonderful day, keep safe,


Miss Jones xxxxx






Happy Monday everyone!


I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Did anyone get up to anything nice? I had a catch up with my cousins on Zoom on Saturday night which was nice. It was hard at times to hear everyone speaking as there are so many of us, but it was fun all the same! I have heard some of you have been keeping in contact using Facetime and Zoom too, technology is great isn’t it?!




Today is Charlotte's birthday! Happy birthday to you Charlotte! I hope you have a wonderful day! If you are able to children, maybe send Charlotte a birthday message to make her day that extra special! :) We will celebrate when we are back in school! 



I can’t get over how fast these weeks seem to be flying by! We are now in week 5 of home learning so all work and photos for this week can be found in that folder. Ms Mann’s second challenge is in the same folder as before. Well done to those of you that had a go, it was great to see your videos on twitter and through email. I am going to have a go at today’s challenge although I can’t imagine I’ll do great as my coordination isn’t the best.


I am so impressed with all the work that has been coming my way, I know how hard you have all be working. Don’t worry if you haven’t managed to send everything across, I have no doubt you’re getting on with all of your work with the help and support from your family. I am so happy to see a number of you logging into Get Epic! to read, I have put the login in the week 5 folder if you have forgotten. Well done also for logging your fitness participation in Do try and send me at least one email a week so I can keep in contact and know you are all well J


Last week I had fantastic stories and history research projects coming in. On Friday and over the weekend I received some great work:

  • Well done Niamh for your excellent Maths work and also your history project on Rosa Parks – she really is inspirational!
  • Rose, Callum, Daniel and Kaleb sent across their truly gripping stories! I’m glad you both had as much fun writing them as I did reading them. They were all so different and I love how imaginative you all are.
  • Well done to Daniel for your wonderful Eastertide work!
  • Well done to Krzysztof M for your excellent history project on Marie Curie – I loved how you presented it!
  • Lucy, you too were inspired by Marie Curie and were able to share wonderful facts on her, great job! I also loved your action- packed story too!



I hope you all have a wonderful day children and continue to be good for your parents. Remember they may have work to do too so you may need to be patient or do some of the work that you can do independently.


Lots of love,

Miss Jones xxxx




Good morning everyone,


Can you believe it is Friday already and we have already been back working a week? Where did this week go?! It’s so lovely to see that despite the miserable weather outside, you’re remaining positive and I’m still seeing lots of smiling faces!


As it is the month of May, it is a time where we think about Our Lady. Father Tom and Father John recite the Rosary every evening at 7pm. It would be lovely if you and your families could join in at this time. It would also be lovely to do some art work and research on Our Lady. Perhaps you could draw her and think of all the different names she is given in the Bible.


As it is Friday we have our big celebrations to give out. Now I have been sooo impressed with all of you for the amount of effort you are continuing to put in to your work, your willingness to learn new skills and for being helpful around the house. This is seriously not an easy task to pick one child and really hurts my brain! This week, our secrets to success winner has to go to Eva S. Eva, you have worked incredibly hard to produce a wonderful research project on Neil Armstrong. I loved how engaged you were with the project and enjoyed reading all the facts you found out about him. You have also had a big smile on your face and persevered  with completing all tasks, I am so proud of you!


Our Head Teachers award this week goes to Finan! Finan, Mr Burke and I were blown away with your project you did for your hero in history. We could see the amount of time and effort you’d spent putting into researching your hero and it was a very relevant piece of work. Again, like Eva and many others in our class, you have got on with your work and produced outcomes to a high standard that I would expect to see in school. We are all very very proud of you!


Yesterday I was sent so many pictures of fantastic work and pictures – I can’t not share the successes of you all!


  • Megan has been working incredibly hard on all work that has been set and has devised a timetable to help her structure her day. She has also been learning life skills such as planting, washing up and cooking delicious dishes from around the world.
  • Esme and her family had me laughing a great deal yesterday. Together with her brother her mummy and daddy, they held a court room scene for the Three Little pigs. Esme and her brother had to persuade the judge their reasons as to whether the wolf should be sentenced for destroying the homes of the pigs. It was so great to watch but unfortunately, it’s too big to upload but take my word for it – it was fab!
  • Max has been busy creating bunting for VE day, they look wonderful and will cheer up those that pass by I am sure. Max has also created a wonderful free write story with a new inventive animal for a plot twist – I loved it!
  • Noah has done a wonderful piece of research on Alexander the Great and has also created a wonderful story. He’s included a front page and a blurb too!
  • Emily has also been busy doing more maths and more creative writing – I’ve missed reading your stories!
  • Charlotte has done a fabulous fact file on Florence Nightingale which is also very fitting with our hero NHS staff, well done Charlotte!
  • Daniel has been busy doing Ms Mann’s fitness challenge and has created a wonderful power point on William the Conqueror with information of what books you could read if you wanted to find out even more!


Well done to all of you and your families for your great efforts and work this week. Again, you never fail to amaze me!


Have a lovely day and a great weekend,


Miss Jones xxx





Good morning my little darlings,


I hope you are all well and getting into the swing of things again now after three days back working. I must say I am super impressed with all the work you have sent through so far and all of the fun tasks you have been up to. Don’t forget to check each other’s work in our week 4 folder.


So yesterday was another great day of learning! Those at school got stuck in with reading and listening to audio books on Get Epic! Remember it is totally free to access and you can go online or download the app. There are sooo many books to choose from across a number of genres and age groups. You can watch videos and be quizzed on the books after and even have some read to you! To get online go to and click logon as student and click “at school” not “remote learning” or it won’t work. Then just enter our classroom code: zzd2946 and enjoy reading yes


Also remember you can be entered into competitions to win prizes if you log onto and log your activity. Thank you to Esme’s mummy for pointing out that you will need to click on the Travel to Tokyo link to log your activity. Since adding this to our page yesterday a total of 17 hours of activity has been added! WOWZERS! You guys are fab!


In order to help you meet your activity goals to be in for a chance to win prizes, Ms Mann has set up fitness challenges for you along with her son Mr Mann who many of you know through after school club. Have a look at the star on our class Page called Ms Mann’s fitness challenge and don’t forget to tweet your proof or send them across to me through email. I have most definitely shouted loud about lots of fitness challenges this past week and that is because it is SO important to keep fit. It has so many benefits not only for your body and health but also for your mind too.


I have a number of shout outs to give today from all the impressive work I have seen so far. I have been sent lots of work so can’t mention everything or you’d be here all day but just know I am so proud of all of you and the high standards you have maintained. Here are a few shout outs for work that wowed:


  • Eva. S has completed a wonderful research project fact file on Neil Armstrong and included a lovely drawing too! Well done Eva!
  • Finan has also been working hard on his historic hero, Alexander Fleming, and produced a wonderful poster on him! Way to go!
  • Rose has also made an informative fact file on Mary Anning and taught me a thing or two in the process!  Well done Rose J
  • Kaleb has also done a wonderful fact file on Ada Lovelace which was really interesting to read – great job Kaleb!
  • Kitty has worked extremely hard also on her chosen hero in history, Grace O’Malley – you really know your stuff Kitty, I am very impressed!
  • Esme has also done an incredible fact file on Stephen Hawkins has made me want to watch the film about his life now!
  • Well done to Niamh, Alvin, Daniel, Emily and Charlotte who have done a great job with their Maths this week. All of you have done a wonderful job in completing you bar charts and they’re so neat too! Top marks for presentation!
  • Well done Lottie who has created a wonderful story in the style of Tom Gates, it was a great story and lovely illustrations too! Lottie has also been colouring in some pictures to celebrate VE day which is next Friday. She will be sticking them in her window for everyone to see. I have saved them to our week four folder if you would like to have a copy too  to colour in, thanks Lottie’s mum for sending them over.
  • Sienna has also wowed me with her wonderful story, the vocabulary she used is so rich and the pace of her story kept me on the edge of my seat – well done!
  • Emily also shared her fantastic story. She chose a great title too which made me want to read it straight away, I have no doubt you’ll agree and feel the same too!



Just a quick notice, with regards to comprehension, we have now managed to put up the answers to the texts in the answers folder. We hope you will find them useful. We all, staff and pupils- find Comprehension 'a little subjective'. So the answers come with somewhat of a 'health warning,' where we don't always agree. ðŸ™‚We can only go by the mark scheme- and if nothing else - it leads to some excellent conversations about the ways we can answer comprehension questions. 


Also, reports are ready to be sent out. If you’d like a copy of your child’s report drop me an email and I shall get it sent to you.


Have a lovely day children and keep up the great work!


Miss Jones xxxx




Good morning lovelies,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I have enjoyed sharing your reports with your parents this week, don’t forget to drop me an email if you’d like to receive yours.


Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been so great this week and it looks as though we’re in for another miserable day today – boo! But why not build a den indoors and snuggle under a blanket and read a good book? Or maybe you might start thinking about your History Hero and start researching them for your fact file.


I have enjoyed looking on Twitter and receiving emails from you all. It seems that you’re all working very hard still and having lots of fun at home. I have a few shout outs to give:

  • Well done to Belle who has been busy doing virtual online Irish dancing classes, learning to build a shed and getting stuck in with her work.

  • Noah, Krzysztof M and Daniel have both been busy baking in the kitchen – your pictures made me drool!

  • Rose has been doing dance classes online too and has noticed that her seeds she planted a while back are now starting to grow.

  • Charlotte has been learning new life skills and has 11 new ducklings that hatched on her pond.

  • Well done to Esme who has been learning new vocabulary and synonyms for them. She has also made her own costume for PE with Joe dress up Friday’s!

  • Well done also to those of you who have sent work in, as always it is a pleasure to read and see you doing so well.


Don’t forget to have a look in the week 4 folder to see each other’s pictures and work from this week.


Parents, as your children are being set some work to do online, we must ensure that they are keeping safe online. I have no doubt that they are and that you are supervising what they are accessing. Mrs Horrocks has shared the following link for you to have a look at:


I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday! Missing you all and sending virtual hugs,

Miss Jones xxxxx


P.S Today’s picture is of Ms Mann’s new puppy, Parker! Just look at the cuteness, I can’t cope!!!




Good morning!


Wow, where did yesterday go?! I hope you all had a wonderful first day back! I was very tired last night after a busy day back at work  (I think it was more to do with the early get up) but I'm feeling much better for a little bit of routine back in my life. I have also tried extra hard to up my fitness game and have been in competition with my friends to see who can move the most each day through our watches. I have gone from not exercising much at all to being the most competitive person in our friendship group to win first place each day - that being said I can't wait for PE with Joe this morning! Who is still doing it? 


It was so lovely flicking through Twitter and hearing from some of you through emails yesterday. I can see you've all been very busy learning and having lots of fun! Keep tweeting away and drop me an email - I love hearing from you :)


I have attached a 'School Games Pe Challenges' star to our class page. There is a list of activities for you to try out and a twitter link to send your progress to if you manage to complete it. It looks like great fun and it'd be good to show off how amazing you all are to the other schools in Coventry who are also taking part!


Talking of Sport, Mr Hadlum has spotted a great website where you can log your daily activity to be in with a chance of winning prizes which is all part of the Tokyo Olympics. If you would like to join in (it's free!) or find a little more about it then click here:  You will need to click on 'families' under the Get Set tab. Our school postcode is CV6 2DJ. I made the mistake of pressing enter straight away so at first it didn't show our school, you have to type it in and wait for it to pop up in the list. I know lots of you are keeping fit so it'd be great if you could log it to be entered into a prize draw.


I have also attached a page about reading tips at home to help you with your understanding and discussion of texts. Remember, if parents are needing to do their work too, you can always dive into a book and perhaps write the next chapter, an alternative ending, a character description or a quick summary. All of these can be done independently and are a great way of furthering your learning and understanding.



I managed to send out reports yesterday to those who have asked for them - parents if you'd like a copy of your child's report drop me an email and I shall send it across. 


I hope you all have a wonderful day, keep being fabulous!


Lots of love,

Miss Jones xxx




Good moooooorning my little darlings!


Wow, what incredible weather we all were lucky to have over the Easter break, I don't think I've ever spent so much time in my garden! I hope you all had a lovely two weeks off after working so hard in the run up to Easter? I'd love to hear about what you got up to! I had an easter egg hunt around my house - although one of the small eggs still hasn't been found as Jamie couldn't remember where he'd hidden it! I personally think he ate it and isn't telling me. wink  


I have been keeping in contact with Ms Mann and she has a new puppy called Parker. She has sent me a few photos, she is sooooo cute and tiny! I think Parker is already more well trained than my two cheeky dogs. She misses you all soooo much and sends you all a big hug! 


I noticed in the CTK Parish newsletter that a couple of you were mentioned for your efforts in the Easter competitions - congratulations!! Well done to all of you who entered also. 


Hopefully you have all managed to recharge your batteries and are ready to work again. This weeks work can be found in the Week Four star tab and I will continue to upload pictures you send in for this week in the week four star folder. If you find anything difficult remember you can always email me on our class email and I will reply as soon as I can. Remember to send across your favourite piece of work for the week if you can and continue to tweet away! blush Please try to make contact at least once a week just so I can check in with you all and know how you are.


Armonico are keen to continue delivering our work with schools and young people and with that in mind they have devised a series of online singing workshops called Sing N Shine which will be available from this Wednesday, 22nd April.


The sessions will happen weekly at 2pm on Youtube Live and will be led by experienced Choir Leader Patrick Stockbridge.  Please find below a link to a short video from Patrick explaining what it’s all about:


The sessions are open to anyone and you simply need to log into theirYoutube channel to view them:


Let’s get singing! ðŸŽ¶ 

Parents, can I remind you that if you would like a copy of your child's report, then please drop me an email and I will send it to you.


Missing you all lots and lots,


Miss Jones xxxx






Good morning children,

As it is our last school day before we break up we must celebrate our class mates who have birthdays in the holidays!!! If you can, why not drop them a message on their birthday to let them know you are thinking of them? Emily’s birthday is 12thApril, Daniel’s is on the 20thApril and Cole’s is the 24thApril. I hope you three all have a lovely day celebrating with your loved ones. When we are all back at school we will make up for it and celebrate properly! Happy Birthday!!!! 


As tomorrow is Good Friday I will be sharing our weekly celebrations today instead. First up is Noah for our Secrets to Success Award. Noah, each week you have wowed me with your work. The effort you have put in has not gone unnoticed, you have been consistent in going above and beyond in all that you have shared. I have also loved seeing your creativity and you completing so many Growth Mindset tasks off the board. I have heard you have been a great help around the house too, keep it up!

Next up is the Headteacher Award from Mr Burke. It was decided that this should go to Lottie this week for her beautiful RE work. It was so thoughtful and reflective, well done Lottie. Not only are you receiving this award for your work, but also for the love and care you have shown to people all around you. The emails to those living in different parts of the world, the messages of thanks to the NHS; those little acts of kindness go such a long way and it is such a lovely thing to do.



I have loved seeing tweets of you all doing amazing things and receiving emails of your work and activities. I have to give a big shout out to Belle today who cheered me up with her Covid Rap – it was sooo cool! I have uploaded it onto our class page here Also, well done to Max, your assault course looked wicked, I bet you had so much fun playing on it in the glorious sunshine we’ve had. Another shout out to Esme – your hat for your Eco project was awesome! I loved how you used paper mache, it was so inventive! 



I am so proud of all of you. You have all worked so hard despite the unusual set up we have found ourselves in. Your parents also deserve a big award too as not only have they been your parents, but they’ve also had to be part teacher too. So, thank you so much parents for helping and being so supportive, I really appreciate it and you have very lucky children who I’m sure you agree are just wonderful. 


After your activities today please enjoy your Easter break with your family. Get out in the garden, play games, tell jokes - have fun (turn the electrics off a bit too!) I have uploaded some optional Easter activities to the class page if you would like to take part.


I will be back online 27/04/2020 for week four of home learning.


Have a safe and Holy Easter,


All my love,

Miss Jones xxx





Goooood mooooorning! 


I hope you all managed to get outside at some point yesterday to enjoy the sunshine after working so hard. It looks like it is set to be another lovely day again today. I just love these lighter evenings we are having!


As mentioned previously, this week is a very special week and so our main focus is on RE. I have received some wonderful diary entries so far from some of you, take a look at Lottie's in our week 3 folder for a great example.


 Father Tom is also holding an Easter competition. He would like you to make an Easter Garden, an Easter bonnet or paint an egg in am exciting and creative way which tells the Easter story. If you would like to join in, complete your design and email it to Father John at and he will choose a winner from each category. The deadline is Saturday 18th April. More information can be found on the Parish website.


I have been looking on twitter at all the wonderful activities you have been up to. Esme, I loved your dance routine that you made up. Maybe everyone could give it a try or make your own up?


On Monday night I downloaded the Duo Lingo app (which is free for the basic version) and decided I wanted to learn French. I never had the opportunity to do French in school, I did Spanish and a little bit of German. I've always wanted to learn French and have been meaning to get lessons for the last couple of years, I've just never got round to it. Anyway, I downloaded the app and have set it up so that at around 8 o'clock each night I get a notification to tell me to go on and do just ten minutes. I absolutely love it! If you're interested in continuing with your French whilst we're off, or fancy learning a new language then give it a go. Just remember to ask for parental consent first! I tried speaking a little bit to Madame Donaldson last night on the phone, I'm not the best... YET!


Have a lovely Wednesday children, 


Love Miss Jones xxx





Good morning my little darlings,


What a lovely spring morning it is. I can hear the birds chirping away and the sun is making shadows through the window. I think it's going to be another lovely day blush


I hope you are all well and back into the swing of home learning after the weekend. I was super impressed with all the work I had coming in yesterday and what I had seen on twitter. This week as part of your project you're having to design a fashion item out of recycled goods you have found around the house. Have a look in our week three folder in the 'projects' section to see the designs I have seen so far from Sienna, Daniel and Rose, they're awesome!


I have seen lots of lovely comprehension, spelling and grammar and maths work from you too! Well done, you're doing great :)


Another shout out goes to Noah, he and his family have been busy learning to paint in the style of Van Gough and Charlotte has been practicing shooting some hoops in basketball. What fun things have you all been doing?


Yesterday afternoon I tried out Esme's circuit workout she designed - it killed me! I was in bed nice and early! Well done Esme, you definitely put me to work!


Thanks again to those of you who sent in your global warming speeches, Niamh and Esme sent theirs yesterday and they're great! They're saved in the week 2 project folder if you wanted to see.


Keep up the good work children, you're all superstars!


Remember this week our main focus is RE as it is Holy Week. Take a moment to pause and reflect and thank God for sending his son Jesus to save us.


Take care,


Miss Jones




Good Morning Children,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and were able to watch Palm Sunday mass. How many of you managed to make your own palm to celebrate?

As we journey with Christ through Holy Week we would like to share a blessing:


May the blessing of God who resides in our hopes and our dreams grant us peace. May the blessing of Jesus Who rides to wild acclaim and waving palm branches grant us peace. May the blessing of the Spirit Who holds us through our fears and our nightmares grant us peace…

…on this Palm Sunday through the events of Holy Week to the cross of Good Friday and beyond to look for the hopes and dreams of the dawning of an Easter Morning


You will find your weekly planner in the week 3 area, this week you have some fun DT and very important RE to focus on. Please just do as much as you can! 


*With regards to putting up the actual resources we are limited to file size and data storage so, where possible we will include the actual sheets etc but powerpoint and further resources to support/packs will be accessed through links provided.* Do what you can.


Well done to all of you who have been working very hard, not long now until you can have a restful Easter break. Special shout outs to:

  • Adrian for wonderful maths work
  • Rose for a lovely reflective prayer which of course was beautifully presented
  • Kitty for making yummy banana oat muffins and a fantastic Global Warming speech
  • Ella-Rose who has been busy baking again and keeping in contact with her friends via FaceTime
  • Max who made a very tasty looking chocolate cake and had animal visitors in his living room
  • Alvin for a great Global Warming speech with wonderful pictures
  • Eva T for planting veggie seeds in her garden - I can't wait to hear about the progress!
  • Lucy for a wonderful Global Warming speech with great subheadings!
  • Dylan for all your hard work the last two weeks and for making lovely heart crafts too!
  • Esme for a fabulous home work out and more planting of veggies in her garden - you could open a shop and sell all your produce in the future with all the planting you have done!
  • Daniel for a great Global Warming speech, keep it up!


As always, if you can, drop us one email this week just to show us your favourite piece of work or activity from the week that will be lovely. Feel free to tweet away too we love seeing your tweets!  Four days until Easter weekend! ðŸ°


Have a lovely Monday,


Miss Jones xxx




It’s Fridaaaaay!


As if it has been two weeks already! I miss you all sooooo much so I’m sending you lots of virtual hugs and high-fives for just being amazing.


As it is Friday, we must celebrate all your hard work and efforts. Again, it isn’t the easiest job to pick only one person for the Secrets to Success award when all of you are impressing me on a daily basis.


This week’s winner is Sienna! Sienna, you have wowed me every day sending across work that has clearly taken you some time and is always produced to a high standard. You most definitely have not let your standards slip in your presentation. Not only is your work good but your whole attitude to growing as a lovely and caring young lady in helping around the house, baking and learning to grow flowers and veggies in the garden. You are awesome!!


Our next award is from Mr Burke and is for Esme. Esme, we have absolutely loved seeing all the hard work and effort you have put into everything you do. You have definitely cheered us up with your videos speaking in different languages, your reflective prayers, your posters and cards for the key workers, your own workout challenge and all the fun you seem to be having with your family. We are very proud of you! 


My other shout outs this week go to Kaleb for all the incredible baking he has done, his stop motion animation (check it out in the week 2 folder) and his RE, project and art work. You have been super busy!


Lottie has written a prayer which I thought would be lovely to share:


Dear Father Tom,


Especially at this time could you pray for all the doctors and nurses who are trying to help those who need more help than ourselves. Also, could you help the most vulnerable people who are in isolation at this time that they will be okay. Please help everyone who are giving us very simple instructions to help keep everybody and ourselves safe,



Well done to those of you who have managed to logon to TTRockstars, Get Epic and Education City. I have been keeping tabs and you are doing a great job!! I would however like to see at least one of you in the top ten in the TTRockstars leader board.


As it is Holy Week coming up, why not celebrate by making your own Palm Leaf to celebrate Palm Sunday. You can do this by using materials, leaves or whatever your creative minds can think of to make them. Father Tom has said he will bless them at 9:30 during mass on Sunday, don’t forget to tune in on the webcam.



Well done again class 10 for just being you. I love each and every one of you sooo much and have been keeping you and your families in my thoughts and prayers each night.


Have a wonderful weekend, don’t forget to take a break from work and enjoy spending time with your families.



Miss Jones xxx


Theo and Milo are very sleepy after a busy week of working hard to distract me from my work.




Education city updates

Good morning all, I now have access to your child's login for Education City. Please email me for their login as I don't have access to all of your email addresses. Please pass the message on to other parents.



Miss Jones



Good morning everyone,


I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I am really appreciative of technology and the fact that I am still able to keep in contact with you all and see all the fun activities and amazing work you are still doing at home. Seeing your lovely little faces really brightens my day!


My shout outs for today go to:


Emily for an amazing speech on Global Warming. It was well researched and extremely persuasive - you go girl!


Cole, Kaleb, Noah, Max and Lucy for awesome book reviews. I am going to be out of pocket soon as I feel I need to invest in all of these books to read. There seemed to be a real range of genres going on, I am very impressed. Keep the suggestions coming, I love a good read! 


Eva S, thank you for your wonderful work on your Global Warming project. I loved all your tips on how to help save our planet.


Rose, well done for all your baking efforts. The gingerbread looked scrumptious! I loved how you decorated them. Well done to you too for your Eco project, it was very informative!


Callum, well done for all your hard work this week, especially in Maths. Multiplication isn't always easy to begin with but I can see that you really understand the formal written method now, great work!


Esme, well done for working your way through your Growth Mindset task board. I loved your poster on how to keep safe during these times. It is really important that everyone follows these rules by staying at home and washing our hands regularly. I also thought your cards for the nurses were a wonderful idea. I know your auntie and her colleagues will be so appreciative.


Daniel, well done to you for your hard work too this week. I loved your lego build and the den that you built too was fabulous. I always wanted a cool den in my garden growing up. 


I have a new app for you all that you cam join in with. You can either download it or go online to It is called Get Epic and it is a free reading app. You can read a range of books on there for free and there are quick quizzes to do after. You might prefer it to Read Theory as these are actual books rather than short passages and they're a bit more fun to read. Once you are on you need to put in the class code which is: zzd2946 then all you need to do is select your name. Happy reading :)


For those of you that love magic (I know it was some of your Growth Mindset challenges to learn magic tricks), Magician Ben Hanlin is teaching free magic tricks every day on his Facebook Live at 3:15 Monday to Friday. If you learn any, let me know!


I hope you all enjoyed the scavenger hunt yesterday, it was my attempt at fooling you all as it was April Fools Day. Did any of you manage to pull any pranks or be pranked at home?


Have a wonderful day children, remember to spread positivity, not germs.


Love Miss Jones xxx








Good moooooorning! 


My goodness, how is it Wednesday already? I can't quite believe how quickly these days are passing us by. I hope you all had a wonderful sleep and are raring to go again today. PE with Joe will be on shortly, I much preferred it yesterday with the music, I felt more energised! It's crazy what a little bit of music can do to get your spirits high and get you moving.


I have seen online that there is a scavenger hunt going on that you can join in with from the comfort of your homes. If you want to join in all you need to do is look for the following items around your home and let me know by email once you have found them. You will need to ask your parents first if you can join in. The deadline is 12 o'clock. The items are:

1. Tartan paint

2. A glass hammer

3. Left handed screw driver

4. A bucket of steam

5. A tub of elbow grease


Good luck!


Thank you all again for your lovely updates and emails yesterday. Don't worry if you've not had a chance to send things over, I have no doubt you are all working at home as well as having fun. I have a couple of shout outs to the following children for their work and efforts that really stood out:

- Sienna, your Global Warming speech was fantastic. I am sure you could give Greta Thunberg a run for her money! Well done

-Alvin, well done for all your wonderful work you sent across. I loved your big smile in the pictures, I can tell you were very proud of it and so you should be!

-Lottie, your baking had me drooling! You should apply for junior Bake Off! Also your dog Mango is extremely cute and seems a lot more well behaved than my two boys.

-Esme, I loved your own home workout you designed with your brother. What a fabulous idea!


Keep up the good work children,


I miss you all,

Miss Jones xxx




Good morning my little darlings,


What a marvellous Monday you all appeared to have. Thanks again for the messages and updates, I really enjoy knowing what you have been up to and looking at your learning.


What are your plans for today? Are you going to tackle your book review or make a start on your maths? Perhaps you might practice your spellings or begin writing your Global Warming speech? Remember, your home learning mat is to last you the week, don’t tire yourself out by aiming to do it all in one day as you must make time for fun too! 


Yesterday I was looking at fun activities you can all get involved in at home. I found some great examples of DIY games related to sport. I have saved them in the week 2 folder if you wish to try them out (don’t forget to tweet if you do!) 

Also, as part of our School Games, we have been set a challenge for each day of the week to complete. I will upload each challenge to week two folder on the day so you can take part. You must tweet and tag the school games if you take part (their twitter is on the document)


I have still been gathering work from last week’s home learning mat so all the work I have received related to that is in the week 1 folder on the class website. Any work related to this week will be saved in the week two folder on the class website.


It has only been a week and one day, yet I have already given soooo many shout outs! You are all just so fabulous! Todays shout outs go to:


  • Niamh who has completed P.E with joe wicks every morning (your muscles must be getting big and strong now) whilst also making time to have fun on her trampoline, bake yummy flapjack with her dad (it really did look yummy) and helping around the house. Niamh has also made a lovely Eco Project – her drawings were wonderful!
  • Emily who has completed all of her grammar work and created beautiful RE work, way to go Emily!
  • Eva S who has worked so hard on her spellings and handwriting, you’ll be getting your pen licence in no time Eva! She has also got to grips with telling the time, well done Eva. 
  • Sienna who yet again has completed beautiful RE work, finished her maths work (watch out Ms Cruz, I think she’s after your job with her ‘Be the teacher’ sheet) and has again gotten creative in the kitchen cooking up all sorts of goodies.  
  • Kitty, thank you for your book review on The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Old School. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts!
  • Esme, your book review on Lighting Girl on our class blog made me want to go out and purchase it. I’ll have to download it on Audible for now. I also loved your tweets and your organisation skills – you can help me tidy my desk!
  • Lottie, thanks for your blog on The What Monster? I too looooove Tom Gates. I bet you could write your own book in his style.
  • Alvin who is in the middle of moving house – woaaaah! How cool that you get to stay at home for a while now to help settle you in.
  • Charlotte, a huge well done to you for practicing those times tables and making it fun using chalk in the garden. Keep up the learning of your spellings too – your scores are fantastic!
  • Noah, your global warming work was excellent. I loved how you set it out and the pictures you drew were related to your content.  I also love the sound of all the baking you have been doing:  Victoria sponge and peanut butter/choc chip  and marshmallow cookies- mind blown! Your walks down the wedge in that sunset looked beautiful too! 
  • Krzysztof K has been using Adobe photoshop tools and layers, learnt keyboard basics and shortcuts and as a result produced an amazing poster for his Eco Project. I am sooo impressed, you’ll have to teach me! He has also spotted a mistake in the Twinkl powepoint for Maths this week- can you spot it too?
  • Callum for wonderful work in both English and Maths. Your non-chronological report was excellent and you clearly have a good understanding of all the key features you need to include, well done!


Well done to each and every one of you, I am such a proud teacher! Thanks to all of your amazing parents who give you all these wonderful opportunities and are so supportive.


I hope you all have a wonderful day,


Love Miss Jones xxx






Good morning my little darlings!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend relaxing and making memories after such a busy week last week. I had a go at baking shortbread after being inspired by many of you baking and sending me pictures. It was the first time I baked in years so I was a little worried about the result, but they turned out fabulous if I may say so myself! When we’re all back to normal I shall bake for you so you can see if you agree. Maybe we could even have a bake off!  What did you all get up to?


Thank you again for all the emails over the weekend. Seeing your videos and pictures really do make me smile from ear to ear.


I have a very long list of shout outs from Friday through to Sunday, so put your hands together for:

  • Rose who has been busy drawing in the sunshine, a spot of gardening and playing Chasing Cars on the guitar. I wish I could sing let alone play a guitar! What a wonderful talent you have Rose.
  • Max for reflective RE work as well as delivering food supplies to his elderly neighbours. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do Max, I can only imagine how grateful they must have been. Your mum and dad must be so proud, I know I am.
  • Kitty who has learnt to ride her bike with no stabilisers or help. I hear she was a little nervous at first (bikes can be scary) but she persevered and after many hours she finally did it! Well done Kitty for reaching your Growth Mindset Challenge  J
  • Esme for a fantastic Eco Project PowerPoint. I love all the facts and the fun design to your slides – you can teach me a thing or two when we’re back in school.
  • Ella-Rose who has been busy working out each morning and for making some yummy shortbread – did the shortbread last long? Mine lasted a day in the house!
  • Daniel – for wonderful RE work and a lovely picture of a sunshine which he plans to place in his window next to his rainbow. He plans on doing a different one each week so don’t forget to look for them if you’re out walking.
  • Kaleb who has been busy baking again, this time he’s made pretzels! I love pretzels Kaleb – you should write a recipe and pass it my way! He’s been busy doing PE each day too so all those yummy goodies he’s making are well deserved after his workout. 
  • Cole who has learnt to say the Our Father in French – my goodness Mrs Donaldson will be proud. Cole has also been planting a vegetable patch as well as producing wonderful Global Warming work and working out with Joes Wicks! Keep it up Cole!
  • Lucy who has filled every minute of her day being fabulous! She’s followed Joe Wickes workout every morning, danced with Oti every day AND completed all of her work off the mat first making notes then typing them up. I bet you have slept well each night from all the work! 
  • Eva T who has made a wonderfully informative PowerPoint on Global Warming- you have definitely taught me a thing or two.


To see all of the work, videos and pictures you have sent in, I have been saving them here  as I receive them. There are some lovely examples of great work, learning and fun going on so please take a look.


I am sure you are all working so hard and may not have had the chance to send work over, do not worry! This week you need to be looking at the tasks set on week two which can be found here I will be saving all work, pictures and emails from this week in the week two folder.


Have a wonderful Monday and don’t forget to have F.U.N


Lots of love

Miss Jones xxx




Here is a picture of Milo and Theo staring out to the fields wondering why no other dogs or people want to stroke them. They too are practicing social distancing.







It's Fridaaaaaay! 


I hope you're all in the Friday spirit after a wonderful week of learning and growing. What better way to start the day than celebrate two of your wonderful class mates for great work this week. Now as you all know, this is the trickiest job for me each week to pick someone who has shone. Each and every one of you fill me with pride for all your hard work, maturity and kindness. I have been inundated with such fabulous work so this week has been even more difficult to choose! 


First up is Kaleb. Kaleb, on seeing all the great things you have been up to this week I couldn't not give you this award. You really are just wonderful and deserve to be celebrated! P.S once those veggies are ready to eat maybe you should bring them in so I can test them, to check they're not poisonous!



Next up is a very special award from Mr Burke, the Head Teacher award. Again, this was not an easy choice but this particular child stood out for going the extra mile in learning new skills, working on previously taught skills and producing such wonderful animations and quizzes to keep his family entertained. Well done Daniel!!



Again, as always I'd like to offer a shout out to the following children for the work I received yesterday. You all never fail to amaze me:

  • Lottie, you are incredible! For those of you that don't know, Lottie is working on a very special project with her mum in emailing children in other countries to see how they're living. So far she has spoke to children in Germany, USA, Georgia, Japan, Australia, China, Boston, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Stroud and London!! Lottie's mum has kindly said I can share the email address if you would like to join in: I most definitely will be.
  • Krzysztof K, what an organised little boy you are! Krzysztof has made a fantastic timetable which I have shared on the class website under week one, using excel to do so. I can see that he has been working very hard, keep it up!
  • Emily has produced a fantastic non-chronological report on Global Warming which you can read in our shared area of the website, well done Emily - it was so factual!
  • Rose has also been working hard writing her report on the effects of Global Warming and even taught me new facts!
  • Esme has been as busy as ever getting quicker at her tables, colouring off tasks on her Growth Mindset Task board and even sent me three lovely videos of her learning 3 different languages - genius! 
  • Kitty has produced a snazzy powerpoint on her findings of the effects of Global Warming, again teaching me lots of things. Well done Kitty for your hard work!


Don't forget to look at examples of your friends work to celebrate each others efforts.


I hope you all have a lovely Friday and an even better weekend :)


God bless you all,

Miss Jones xx






Good morning my little darlings,


I hope you are all keeping well and making the most of your time at home with your loved ones. I have to say seeing all the pictures I have been sent of your work and your big smiling faces really lifted my spirits yesterday. I have been missing you all lots and lots but hopefully we'll see each other again soon smiley


I am Soooooooo impressed with all the work that has been coming in. Here are the shoutouts for today from all work I received yesterday:

  • Daniel - He has been working extremely hard and did an awesome stop-start animation of Roblox. I have been trying to upload it but the site isn't having any of it at the moment (I will defeat it!)
  • Noah - for an awesome presentation on Marvel and being an Eco Warrior. I hear he also loves to do chores now too!
  • Esme - for excellent Maths work! She's been flying through her tables and has even been practicing using a protractor! Also, she's been super busy working her way through her Growth Mindset Task board.
  • Emily - For a fabulous poster for her Eco project work.
  • Rose - for beautiful and reflective RE work
  • Max - for great English work and Maths - keep it up Max :) 


I have saved work that I have received to our class page in the week 1 folder, you may just need to scroll down a little. 


I have also been checking in on Read Theory. A huge well done to all of you who have managed to access it and have a go. I know it can be tricky if you're sharing laptops and iPads with siblings and parents so don't panic, remember sharing is caring and just do the best that you can do with what you have.


I've also looked at TTRockstars. Top three in our class so far are Alvin, Daniel and Kaleb. Keep going though children, I'd like to see some of class 10 in the top 10!


Have a wonderful day and don't forger to keep smiling,

Miss Jones xxx




Good morning darlings! 


What another beautiful day it is outside. I am definitely going to make the most of it by stretching off and doing some yoga in the fresh air. I don't know about you but two days of Joe Wicks and a morning of dancing with Oti has left my body aching all over. I know that's a good thing though so I shall keep it up. Who here joined in with PE with Joe or dancing with Oti yesterday?


I am loving the work I have been sent in so far. I have saved examples to the week 1 home learning folder ( ) if you want to take a look and appreciate each others hard work. Sienna, your eco project powerpoint was fantastic! I loved all the facts and the pictures too!


Thanks also to Callum for sending across your English work, you have done a great job! For those of you completing your homework books, don't forget to check with an adult the answers in the answer folder which can be found on the main class page or by clicking here: 


Esme, you look like you have been super busy from what I have seen on twitter. You'll have finished that Growth Mindset task board in no time! 


Daniel and Lucy, thank you both so much for your wonderful blogs. If you haven't seen them children, Daniel and Lucy have both done a book review on our class blog page. Go and check them out!


Talking of books, David Walliams is now sharing free audio stories each day at 11am on his website. (It will direct you to Sound cloud I believe but that is also a trusting website) He is a fantastic and hilarious author as we all know so do take a listen.  If you tune in, please let me know your thoughts and we can set up a book talk to discuss it.


I have been looking for lovely things that you can all do at home and I stumbled across some art work which teaches you how to draw different animals. I have saved them in the Week 1 home learning folder on the website (see above for the link) I'd love to see your attempt at them. Speaking of drawings, shout out to Lottie (and younger brother James of course) for your wonderful poster to the NHS staff, it really was heart-warming. I shared it with both my mum and auntie who are both working tirelessly in the hospital and they have shared it with their colleagues. It was very much appreciated - thank you!


Have a wonderful day children, 

Miss Jones xxx







Good morning children,


What a beautiful day it is outside! Make sure you get out into your garden or sit by the window at some point today to feel the sun shining on your skin - it always makes me feel better.


So I have been busy looking for exciting things you could get up to today. I have noticed that Oti from Strictly Come Dancing and The Greatest Dancer is doing live dance classes for children of all ages every day at 11:30-12pm. What a great way to work up your appetite for lunch, I will definitely be getting my dancing shoes on! In order to join in you must seek advice from your parent or guardian and access Oti's Facebook page as she will be live streaming from there.


I can see some of you have accessed Read Theory too, Kryszstof M you are flying through gaining lots of 'knowledge points' keep it up! 


Well done for those of you who have been busy working on your Growth Mindset Task Boards. Shout out to Esme who has made a PPT about Rugby! 


Another shout out goes to Noah for his latest blog, check it out children and have a go at writing a blog of your own. 


I hope you all have a wonderful day, don't forget to keep me in the loop with what you have been up to by emailing me


Big virtual hugs to you all,


Miss Jones xxx




Good afternoon my lovely bunch!

I hope you are all keeping safe and remembering to wash your hands frequently - mine are starting to go a little red from all the scrubbing! How are you all getting on with your work today? Remember you have a week to complete the tasks set on the homework mat - anything additional is a bonus! 


Who took part in the Joe Wicks live PE session this morning? If anything it has clarified that I need to do more exercise! We will definitely be doing it at school each morning so it would be lovely if you could give it a go at home too and hopefully in a few weeks time we'll all be super fit.


Remember to log into TT Rockstars, the Lenten Battle is still going ahead! I am improving my time slowly but surely and have been looking at the leader board. Shout out to Alvin who is top for our class. Please keep playing - we need to get in the top 10.


Have many of you been working on the Growth Mindset Task boards? I can see Sienna has been extremely busy cooking, planting and cleaning. What a wonderful way of filling some time by helping out your wonderful parents and learning as you do it.


I'd love to hear what you have been up to so don't forget to tweet our school twitter page or drop me an email at I will reply as soon as I can!



Take care,

Miss Jones