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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Week 1

This week, us teachers have still been keeping an eye on you all to see who we think can receive this weeks awards. Now, this was a very hard decision for me as the teacher of the best class at CTK...As always, don't be disheartened if you have worked very hard this week and not received the award, there is always next week!


These awards will be printed and laminated for you when we return. If you have received the award, ask your adult to check their email for a copy and a message.

Awards for this week...

Awards for this week... 1
Awards for this week... 2

Friday 27th March 2020 

Good morning my lovely Class 8 children, there is one proud teacher typing this message this morning! I was absolutely blown awaaaay yesterday by the amount of emails I received from you all doing your home learning, bits around the house and helping your adults out at home. WELL DONE!

Did any of you go outside to clap last night for all of our wonderful NHS Staff? I know I did, people were banging their pots and pans in my neighbourhood, it was amazing! A great moment of unity for everyone. 

I have, as always, a few special mentions ( this list is going to be very long soon)!  In no particular order....


Well done Leila, for cracking on with your TTRS and Mathletics on your new laptop, I hope you are enjoying it. The classroom is very different without you!


Leah has been very busy again, doing Joe Wicks P.E sessions in the morning and starting the day at 8am (even earlier than you do at school!) with spelling frame and comprehension. Great stuff!


I was again, a very proud teacher when I saw Grace's email, she had been very busy collecting facts for her Romans fact-file, used headings and subheadings. She even had the time to rewrite the story of the paralysed man with some fantastic vocabulary and inverted commas - how brill is that?!


Now, Owen has been so busy I don't know how he has had the time to fit it in. He has been doing TTRS, Mathletics, Spelling Frame, his multiplication and division work, rewriting the story of the paralysed man, short multiplication and much more. Go Owen, you are awesome!

Maye has been ticking targets off her growth mindset sheet, helping mum make lunch (which definitely should be on there!) AND helping her sister with her ECO Warrior challenge. So helpful, Maye!


Ryan has been keeping busy with his other home learning for Week 1, but even drew a new picture of his brand new bicycle for me to see! It looks absolutely amazing, how exciting is that! I love to see other things like this as well as your home learning. 


Emily has been so brilliant at home, and got on with her tasks and Mum hasn't even had to remind her to do it. Well done Emily!


Elsie has been easing into her home learning also, and rewrote a lovely story with cursive handwriting and a brilliant illustration. She also wrote a prayer for our key workers which we can all share and say that I will leave below. Thank you so much for sharing that with us!

(I hope I haven't missed anybody out- If I have drop me a message!)


Thank you so much parents for your continued support, and children for blowing me away with your independence and enthusiasm this week. WELL DONE! Have a lovely weekend now children, get some rest as you deserve it. I will speak to you again on Monday. 


Lots of love, 

Miss McKeown

Thursday 26th March 2020

Today is Thursday which means the 'hump' of the week is over and the weekend is near. What did you get up to yesterday? How much of Week 1 home learning do you have to complete? Did anyone manage to access Mathletics? Thanks Elsie for the challenge on TTRS...I am determined to beat you this time!


A massive well done for all the hard work you are doing at home. I have a few special mentions to make today...


Oliver has been working tremendously hard at home with his maths, comprehension, spellings, and he is even making some special LEGO artefacts which I am sure he will share with us soon - how creative! He also will be using his microscope today to find and investigate different things in his garden....Keep it up Oliver, you rock!


Grace has been busy preparing facts for her Roman fact-file and even had her own mission assembly at home this week...I wonder how it compares to the ones led by Mr Burke! Great stuff.


Leah has also been up to lots of fab things, doing Joe Wicks workout, spellings, grammar and even baking a cake which ticks off some of her growth mindset targets! She's also been reading The Witches by Roald Dahl, and you know how much I love Roald Dahl she has kindly agreed to lend it to me when she has finished...very kind! Great job, Leah.


Please please keep sending in any updates of what you are doing to, I would love to give you a special mention!


Have a spectacular Thursday and keep in touch today, 

Lots of love,

Miss McKeown x

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good morning Class 8 and happppy Wednesday! (Wednesday? Already?!) I hope you had a lovely Tuesday and got to enjoy the sunshine...

It was clearly a very busy day yesterday for our CTK children as we had lots of people doing some fantastic home learning!


William started the day with the Joe Wicks work-out and even had the time to do his Maths learning multiplying by 3, 4 and 8...which we all know can be tricky. Well done William and thank you for your email!


Oliver was also very busy yesterday, and made some progress through his IBelong Book which is just great to see. He also ticked off some of his growth mindset target board by helping unload the dishwasher...I might have to ask him to come and do mine! Well done Oliver!


Kayleigh has also been keeping up with her home learning, doing her Maths work, reading Gangsta Granny and even produced a beautiful passage of the Paralysed Man but from his perspective. Keep it up Kayleigh!


I think I read Mathletics is struggling with the online traffic as many people are trying to get on - so I will extend the date of these activities (if I manage to get on myself!) 

Please do send in any thing you'd like to share at - I'd love to see what you are all doing no matter how big or small. 


I wanted to share with you two prayers that have also been sent into me, one from Elsie and one from Kayleigh. You can say these in the morning or before you go to bed to remind us of all the people who need our prayers right now. Thank you so much girls for sending these in for us to share. I have put them below the message.


Take care and keep in touch! 

Lots of love, 

Miss McKeown x 





Tuesday 24th March 2020 

Good morning Class 8 and happy Tuesday. I hope you all had an enjoyable Monday and enjoyed the sunshine...


Thank you to Callum T, George, Elsie, Eva, Oliver and Emily for completing the challenges on all scored great scores! I saw on Twitter that TTRS had 480,000 children log in yesterday - where you one of them? Did any of you join in with the Joe Wicks work out at 9am yesterday? I know I am doing it this morning to get that energy boost ready for the day! 


Please access spelling frame and maths frame, you don't need a log in for these and they are great to practice. Also, have a look and keep up to date with any outstanding Mathletics activities that I have assigned you. 


Its supposed to get up to 16 degrees today so make sure you get outside in your garden or near a window for some sunshine and enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin...


Please email me on with anything at all you get up to...

Lots of love, 

Miss McKeown x

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Monday 23rd March 2020 


Good morning Class 8!


I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed Mothers Day. What did your mothers think about their cards? Did you do anything special?


It's very quiet in the classroom this morning and my drive to work was even quicker than normal! I have challenged everyone on TTRS at the weekend, have you had a look yet? My score wasn't my best but I am improving with my growth mindset (it is also verrrrrrry addictive!). There are also a few tasks up on Mathletics for you to get stuck into. 


This week our English learning is continuing to look at Information texts. You might want to leave our literacy focus learning until closer to the end of the week when you have completed all of your Romans research as you will need to present your facts in a fact-file. I cannot wait to read them!


Remember each day to access Spelling Frame or practise the spelling of the Y3 and Y4 words in your handwriting books. Also, take a look at some of the online reading links to read some new books! You also have your Key Comprehension, Spelling and Grammar Books to work through at your own pace. Please use the red exercise book to record any of those activities.

If you have any questions or fantastic work to show me please contact me on


Have a lovely Monday and keep smiling,

Miss McKeown

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Hello Class 8!

This is the page you can check every day for a message from me. Please keep in touch through the class email and Twitter.

Class 8 - thank you so much for all of your hard work this year. It has been an absolute pleasure and I miss you all so much already.

Keep safe and keep in touch,

Love from

Miss McKeown