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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Week 2

This week it was even more difficult than usual to choose our Award winners. I chose these two children because they have shown great enthusiasm this week. They are helping out at home and ticking off goals from their growth mindset target sheet. I am so proud of you both. Well done! And everyone else – please keep it up, this could be you next week!

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Friday 3rd April 2020

Happy Friday Class 8! Well done you have completed week 2 of home learning, I am so proud of you all. It may be the 3rd today, but the 4th is tomorrow and that is a very special day for one young boy in Class 8….and that is….Callum’s birthday! YAYYYY! Happpy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Callum, happy birthday to you. Have a fabulous day Callum, I hope you have lots of fun and spend some quality time with your family.


Many special mentions today…

Cillian has been working hard practising his multiplication and division work. Fantastic stuff!

Maye has been logging on to access Education City and practising the activities – please let me know if you require your log-in also.

Leila has been busy rewriting the story of the paralysed man, using inverted commas and some amazing conjunctions.

Grace has ticked off lots of things from her growth mindset sheet, including preparing meals and making a bird feeder – how fantastic is that! She has also made the time to run a ‘fun club’ at home to keep everyone entertained – what a fabulous idea.

Elsie has done some research on volcanoes and presented them in a PowerPoint – Mrs Quirke would be so proud! I am so glad you are all making use of your time.

Our other lovely Grace has been working hard on her comprehension tasks and building her confidence – well done!

I loved looking at Owen’s Romans presentation – there was detailed illustration as well as a key of roman numerals – which is great for our Maths learning too! I will have to share it with you when we return for you to look at.

As well as his Romans project, Tobias has been practising his division with remainders – now that is above and beyond! Well done, Tobias!

There were many many many  children working hard on TTRS yesterday, including Owen, Marika, Leila, both Graces, Kayleigh, Emily, Eva, Tobias, Oliver, Hannie, Jacob, Elsie, Vinnie, George, Callum T, Cillian, Maye (phewwwww…gasping for air!) A big well done to all of you! A special mention goes to Eva for climbing the top of the class 8 leaderboard…whoop whoop!


WELL DONE ALL OF YOU for a fantastic second week of home learning. You make me so proud even when I can’t physically be with you. Keep going, remember this might be a marathon not a sprint so take this weekend to recharge, relax and enjoy yourself in preparation for Holy Week next week.

I miss you all so so much.


Take care….and happy birthday Callum!

Lots of love,

Miss McKeown x


Thursday 2nd April 2020 

Good morning everybody! Happy Thursday. I hope you enjoyed your Wednesday and had fun whatever you were doing. I can't believe we are coming to the end of Week 2 of Home Learning - where does the time go?! As it is Palm Sunday this weekend, if you have the chance it would be lovely for you to make your own palm. You could use paper, card, twigs, material anything you like! Mrs Williams has even spoken to Father Tom and he said he will bless them after Mass on Sunday - so make sure you tune in to the stream and get the, blessed... 

It was fantastic to read some of your accounts of you writing as Samuel being called by God. Elsie included some fantastic vocabulary, and Owen used some lovely conjunctions such as 'when' and 'so'. Oliver included some wonderful adverbs such as 'suddenly' and 'certainly'. Maye included a lovely illustration alongside hers, which was so well presented. Well done all!


Tobias was busy with his English learning yesterday, learning about common and proper nouns and how to use them. This was motivated by his English comprehension learning. Great job, Tobias!


I have also been a very lucky teacher to read all of your Roman projects this week, some fantastic work has been taking place, and lots of I.C.T skills developed! I received Elsie's yesterday which was just as superb as the rest, cannot wait to share them all with you. 



I am so glad to see you all doing lots of things that aren't just home learning also, for example making brownies - well done Maye and food that I would love to try, snacks such as oponoki by Marika! Cillian has been busy making scones and chewy cookies with his older brother and by following an online cookery class! How independent and responsible is that! Callum is even trying to learn how to pay Chess, which I am sure he will teach me how to when we return...


Please keep it up Class 8, whether you are home learning today, relaxing or spending time with your family doing other things. Have fun, and God bless. 


Lots of love, 

Miss McKeown x



Wednesday 1st April 2020 

Good morning Class 8! Happy April Fools day my angels...

I wonder what type of tricks you will all be playing today on your family, let me know! Did you know that nobody knows the origin of April Fools Day? Some people believe it comes from France, but we can't be certain!

It was a busy Tuesday yesterday for many of the children in Class 8. A few shout outs incoming...


Leah began her day as normal with spelling frame, English and then Joe Wicks. I love the way she has a timetable for her home learning! She then found the time to celebrate mass and works hard on her multiplication and division and enjoyed doing some work in her IBelong Book. Fabulous!


I was blown away when I read Tobias' account of Samuel being called by God. He had amazing adverbs in there such as 'obediently', 'prophetically', and 'immediately', and even used fronted adverbials with commas afterwards. The account had a reflective and reverent feel to it. Well done, Tobias! 


Emily has been working so hard at home with a range of activities, not just home learning. She even used her soap making kit to make some fabulous soap - which we could all make plenty of use of at this current time for our hands. I love it - great job!


Oliver was busy making his own lunch yesterday - how fantastic and grown up is that?! He has also created a wordsearch for Roman facts which he is going to share with us when we return - so kind and thoughtful - we will enjoy doing that together. He also has crept up on the TTRS leaderboard, watch out Class 8!


Kayleigh had a productive day yesterday, finishing off her Roman project, baking cookies and even painting a rainbow stone and designing a football boot. How does she fit it all in?! Most importantly, she had FUN doing it. Well done Kayleigh! 


William was very helpful at home making his favourite dinner for everybody, I could do with having a William in my house....He even completed his English and then his IBelong Book. He also rewrote the story of the paralysed man from a modern day perspective - just fantastic!

Remember children, I am here to speak to. If you get up to anything you would like to share, drop me an email I love just seeing your faces, no matter what you are doing! 


Take care, wash your hands and spread positivity!


Lots of love, 

Miss McKeown 

Tuesday 31st March 2020 

Good morning my lovely children, how are you all doing today? How did you kick-start your week, are you feeling ready for Week 2 of home learning? Today is Tuesday and the last day of March - it really feels like March has been 50 days long, but maybe that's just me! I had a couple of impressive emails yesterday I'd like to share with you. 


Tobias was extremely busy during week 1. Alongside his other home learning, he even created a colosseum, and found some brilliant artefacts to go with his information that he discovered. Well done, Tobias! 


It was fabulous to hear from George yesterday also. He has rewrote the story of the paralysed man and even used inverted commas - very impressive! He is also finding the time to help at home, tidying his bedroom and laying the table. How fabulous, George! 


Lilyella has been using words that she found tricky to spell in her Roman fact-file and practising them for her spelling practice - what a great idea. Well done, Lilyella for working hard at home. She has also almost mastered her 3 times table - I am so proud. 


Marika ticked off some more of her growth mindset challenges yesterday, making pancakes into funny shapes and faces. What a lovely idea! Well done Marika and sister. 


Elsie rewrote the story of the paralysed man using some fantastic adverbs such as 'suddenly' and 'eventually' which I was so impressed by! Well done, Elsie! 


Callum T was so kind to send me the recipe for his slow cooker bread - it looked absolutely delicious and it was great to see Callum's face. 


Leah kicked off the day yesterday with some Joe Wicks, celebrated Mass with her mummy and even had the time to practice some short and division. How fantastic is that! Keep it up, Leah!


Leila created a fabulous PowerPoint all about the Romans. She even included images, headings and text boxes. I know this must have taken a bit of time, very well done Leila! All our of our I.C.T skills should be fabulous by the time we return! Leila has also been busy making fairy cakes and doing her yoga, how lovely is that, sounds like you are having a great time, Leila. 


Because we are spending lots of time online now, it is important children we know how to stay safe. There is a useful website link here for your adults to help you have a look at ways you can stay safe online. 


Wow - just as I was typing this I have heard from Hannie! She has a microscope which she has been using to study objects, she has created a beautiful piece of artwork using buttons of a tree, and has had the time to practice her beautiful spellings through cursive handwriting. Amazing, and so creative Hannie! 


I have your Education City passwords if you would like them and I will be sending them out today to those who requested.

Missing you all terribly, 

Miss McKeown x


Monday 30th March 2020 


Good morning Class 8! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, got to relax and unwind and are ready for Week 2 of Home Learning. I have attached the photo of this weeks activities, so take a look and see what you fancy having a go at first.


I had a few emails on Friday from people who were achieving great things in Class 8, so there are a few mentions today. 


Callum T was so busy last week, he created a fantastic Romans project - I even learnt some brand new facts myself from it! He also was busy helping dad make bread from a slow cooker...I didn't even know that could be done, well done Callum, you should definitely be able to tick that off from your growth mindset target sheet! 


It was also lovely to hear from Grace on Friday. She has been doing many other artistic activities alongside her home learning, such as creating a rainbow to go outside to remind others to stay safe, and made a giraffe image from tracing around her own hand! This is as well as doing her home learning activities, doing miles on her scooter and saying her prayers. Well done Grace, that is fantastic!


Marika was also up to lots of great things last week. She practised her beautiful cursive handwriting (we all know how much I love it anyway!) and completed her spellings, comprehension and even decorated her pavement path with some lovely messages. Amazing!


Wiktoria has been extremely productive this week, and produced a wonderful, bright, eye-catching poster detailing all of the things the Romans did for us. She also managed to find the time to complete her multiplication and division work, and logged onto Oxford Owl to access some new reading books. Very well done Wiktoria!


I also heard from Jacob on Friday, and I do not know how he has had the time to complete all of the great things he has done! I will share with you some highlights. He rewrote the story of the paralysed man, and even used some co-ordinating conjunctions, well done Jacob! Not only this, Jacob also cooked a spaghetti dinner dish for his family for them to enjoy! Jacob - please keep it up - this is brilliant that you are not only doing home learning but also helping around the house. 


Well, well, well - aren't we all just fantastic?! Thank you so much children and adults for taking the time to complete this activities, and having a go at helping around the house and doing other non school related tasks which will benefit you greatly!


Lots of love and Happy Monday,

Miss McKeown x