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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Week 3

Thursday 9th April 2020 

Good morning my lovely bunch, I hope you all enjoyed the glorious sunshine yesterday.

As today is our last day before our school holidays, I would like to share a few happy birthday messages to our friends in Class 8. Starting with Elsie who has her birthday today- whoop whoop happy birthday Elsie! It is also Vinnie's birthday on the 14th, Ryan H on the 15th, Leah the 17th, and Grace Du on the 25th - why not drop them a message to say Happy Birthday, if you can! When we return to school we can all celebrate these birthdays with you but for now let me just sing....Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday dear children, Happy Birthday to you. Have a fabulous day! 


As we are not in school tomorrow, we will be doing our Awards today instead. This week was particularly hard as everybody has been working hard to produce some fantastic, thoughtful pieces of work during Holy Week. The awards for this week are for two young ladies...


Yesterday was a busy day for many of you, despite the wonderful sunshine!

  • Grace has been busy completing some comprehension work on the story of Samuel. She has also worked extremely hard on her short division calculations with some great results. Very well done Grace!
  • Our other lovely Grace has rewritten the story of the Last Supper from the perspective of James. She even included some dialogue and inverted commas - it was brilliant!
  • Owen wrote a diary entry from the perspective of John, made a beautiful Easter Garden and wrote a newspaper report using conjunctions such as 'as' 'but' and 'so'. Great stuff!
  • Yesterday Tobias was busy reading the Bible in two different languages - how fantastic is that! Many of us can only read in one language, but Tobias can in two! Amazing.


I have put up an Easter page of activities you can complete if you would like to during the holidays. There is a variety of different things you can choose to do.

I just want to say children a massive well done for how you have all worked so hard the past few weeks. They are quite unusual circumstances we are living under at the moment, but you have all kept working hard, helping at home and adapted to the situation. I am always proud of you, but especially these past few weeks. 

I think your adults also deserve a massive pat on the back for as well as taking care of you, being your teachers at home. I appreciate there must be many demands with home-schooling so thank you so so much adults for your continued support and hard work. If only I had certificates for your adults too, children! 

And just like that, it is the Easter break. Take care of yourselves children, keep being the bright lights at home I know you all are. Enjoy yourself, relax and re-charge ready for Week 4 of Home Learning when we will speak again on the 27th of April. 

Missing you all terribly! Have a happy and holy Easter and don't forget to observe Mass. 


Lots of virtual hugs, 

Miss McKeown x x 


Please access this document, with our mission for Holy Week from Mr Burke.

Wednesday 8th April 2020

Good morning and happy Wednesday Class 8! How was your Tuesday? I sat out in the sunshine for a while yesterday, did Joe Wicks and even did some yoga in the evening – I am really getting into it! I might even buy myself one of those special mats… I really recommend the Cosmic Yoga for children on Youtube if you want to practise some moves yourself and you’re not too busy.


  • Maye wrote a fantastic newspaper report about Jesus’ journey into Jerusalem for the Jerusalem Daily. Great effort, Maye.
  • George produced one also that had been word processed, working on his I.C.T skills at the same time – beautifully done!
  • Oliver’s newspaper report was colourful and eye-catching for the ‘Jerusalem Times’ – I love how creative you have got!
  • Elsie produced a thoughtful diary entry for the Last Supper, and a newspaper report with subheadings. Fantastic!
  • Tobias has been doing some extra fractions work and made a start on his Easter Garden – I cannot wait to see it…


I hear some of you are keeping in touch with each other and some even writing letters to one another – that is so lovely! Reach out to your friends, I am sure they are missing you just as much as I am. Take care today and have a lovely Wednesday. Remember the competition you can enter for your Easter garden or Bonnet. Details in yesterday’s post if you missed it!


Lots of love,

Miss McKeown xxx

Tuesday 7th April 2020 

Good morning Class 8, and happy Tuesday! Tuesday - already, where on earth did Monday go? Today it is going to be sunny and quite warm, so make sure at some point you feel the sun on your skin, in whatever way you can! At midnight tonight it is the end of the Lenten battle, so make sure you log on to TTRS and have a look at that some point today.


Father Tom is holding a competition for you children.  If you would like to make a Christian Easter Garden, an Easter Bonnet or paint an egg making them as different and exciting as you like.  When you complete your masterpieces, email them to Father John and he will choose a winner for each category.  Father John's email address is:

Information is on the Parish website.

All entries will need to be in to Father John by Saturday 18th April - you can do it, good luck!

I hope you all enjoyed the first day of activities and I wonder which part of Holy Week learning you have done first. I heard from a few people yesterday up to some amazing things...

  • Leila produced a fabulous report on Jesus' entry into Jerusalem with illustrations and headings. It looks fantastic, well done Leila. 
  • Tobias wrote a diary entry as John at the Last Supper, and even found out what Jesus may have eaten. He also completed some extra Maths questions and ttrs. A lot of hard work!
  • Kayleigh made a beautiful Easter Garden and wrote a lovely prayer that I will share with you all below. Great stuff, Kayleigh!
  • Cillian produced a fantastic Palm for his grandma, did all of his R.E reading and produced a brilliant newspaper report with fronted adverbials and some lovely uses of vocabulary. Well done!



Picture 1

Thank you all for sharing with us what you have been up to. I look forward to seeing what today brings! 

Stay safe, say your prayers, wash your hands and spread that positivity with your beautiful smiles. 


Lots of love, 

Miss McKeown x

Monday 6th April 2020 


Good morning Class 8. How was your weekend? Did you watch Mass yesterday for Palm Sunday? Your palms look absolutely fantastic, I was especially impressed when I saw Tobias had made one out of LEGO. 

I have uploaded our Week 3 home learning, it is all based around the work we would be doing at school for Holy Week. I hope you enjoy it and use it as a chance to prepare for Easter. 

It was great to hear from most of you last Friday. I have a few special mentions...

  • Leila wrote a fantastic account of the paralysed man, using conjunctions and inverted commas. Well done!
  • Vinnie has been helping out at home, doing DIY and gardening to help Dad. He has also been managing to find the time to get in some exercise and roll down the hills, fantastic!
  • James has been getting stuck into some multiplication and division, and working hard on his time tables. This a great idea. 
  • Hannie has been keeping in touch with her friends on face-time, doing exercise, writing a corona virus diary and even has a new baby in the family, wooooo! How exciting!
  • George wrote a fantastic account of the paralysed man, and has been enjoying TTRS- well done.
  • Oliver has been busy with his times table booklet, comprehension and handwriting. Amazing!
  • Grace was doing her division learning, and produced a beautiful Romans information text with images and paragraphs. 
  • Archie has been keeping up with his home learning and was even making play-dough on Friday morning!
  • Olly has been busy and was able to complete his home learning and then accessed TTRS, well done Olly!
  • Ryan made a Romans word search and made some delicious looking cakes! Very productive. 
  • Cillian produced a wonderful Romans information poster, with paragraphs and subheadings. Well done Cillian!
  • Callum has been doing a bit of work each day, and even scored 25/25 in four minutes on a times table test - great stuff! He even found the time to send a video of himself singing happy birthday on the guitar to his friend, other Callum - I love it when you all keep in touch!
  • As well as allllll the work he has done, Jacob also made pizza last week and stitched a puppet dinosaur - how fab is that!
  • Callum made a Romans timeline with dates, rewrote the story of the paralysed man and produced an information text with subheadings, headings and paragraphs. Amazing!
  • Owen made some cookies following a recipe and even mixed the ingredients with his hands!
  • George made some beautiful palms and watched Mass on Sunday for Palm Sunday. Well done George!
  • Grace produced an informative information text all about the Romans, and even sent in a video of herself reading it beautifully. Just fantastic - thank you, Grace. 
  • And last but certainly not least, Leah had a restful weekend. She made Palms using paint and her handprint and later took Father Tom and Father John some palms, a rainbow for their window and a little treat. How kind and wonderful is that, a very well done Leah. 


Well done to you all on another successful week. Now we are in Week 3, there comes a time of preparation and reflection during Holy Week. I hope you all enjoy the home learning.


Missing you lots, 

Miss McKeown x