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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Week 4

If you are interested, there are some free weekly singing sessions happening every Wednesday at 2pm on the Armonic Consort Youtube Channel. It looks like a fantastic way to you to exercise your voice and have lots of fun. Why not get the whole family involved? It will be live on the Youtube Channel at 2pm and you can find the channel at


Friday 1st May 2020 

Our awards for this week were so so tricky to choose from, but here they are…


Good morning all, today is Friday so you have made it through another week of home learning. Give yourself a pat on the back like we do at school and say ‘I’m fantastic!’ It also happens to be first day of May, which I am sure will bring brighter things for all of us.

We have a special birthday over the weekend for our Callum K – happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Callum happy birthday to you! We send you big virtual hugs and hope you have a great day on Sunday.

There are a few notices today before we get to our special mentions and awards. Now more than ever, it is important we know how to stay safe online. Here is a useful link of some activities you can do that remind us of the importance of online safety

Today is the start of May, during May we think of Mary. If you can, please join the 7pm live stream and join in with saying the Rosary at this time.

I have created an account on EPIC for you to access some new reading books and audio books if you would like to. Copy this link and enter the code vhz7101 After that, you need to select your name from the list and it will log you in. You don't have a username or password, just follow the same steps again whenever you would like to use it. There are tons of great books and audiobooks to listen to for free, so take advantage!

Callum T has been busy this week, working hard on his handwriting especially in his R.E and English work. Well done Callum!

Tobias produced a creative set of instructions on how to plant a seed, made out of physical objects and numbered steps – It was very impressive.

Oliver ticked off some more of his growth mindset sheet by creating a report about an animal of his choice – what a great idea. I wonder if any one else has done this?

Callum K has been busy practising his multiplication and division and managed to get up to Test 9 and scored 25/25 – how fab is that!

Elsie created a beautiful poem for Captain Tom’s birthday with some emotive language and also used technical vocabulary in her science instructions.

Maye has been busy working on Maths, English and even a bit of Geography work labelling maps, what a great idea. She has also been checking in on her friends via email.

Ryan H has been growing many seeds and looking after them by watering them and keeping them in sunlight. He also wrote a set of instructions to go with them!

Leila has been writing her recount of the Resurrection and even used co ordinating conjunctions including ‘but’. She also made a delicious looking cheesecake that made Miss McKeown’s mouth water!

That's all for now, have a lovely weekend and lets pray we get the sunshine we are promised next week!
Love from,

Miss McKeown x x 

Thursday 30th April 2020

Good morning Class 8 - another day of home learning for you to add to your many skills. The classroom is soooo quiet without you all - I miss the noise (who would have thought I would actually say that...) I hope you are all well and had a lovely Wednesday. It is May on Friday, and during May we think of Mary. Everyday Father Tom will be reciting the Rosary at 7pm. It would be lovely if you could join in.

A few shout outs today as always..

  • Elsie wrote a fabulous recount of the Resurrection, and used fronted adverbials ( a range of sentence openers) with commas afterwards as a focus. It is a great idea to aim to include some adverbs, fronted adverbials, subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions in your recounts. Think of your own success criteria like we do at school.
  • Marika produced a beautiful instructions text with images, illustrations and numbered steps to help the reader. The presentation was spot on - well done!
  • Oliver produced a lovely recount of the Resurrection also, using beautiful expanded noun phrases and inverted commas. Another great piece of work!
  • Owen has been busy writing about Claude and the Resurrection from Mary Magdalene's perspective. He even had the time to help mum make dinner and made some delicious cup cakes - fabulous!
  • Kayleigh produced a wonderful character description based on her book she has been reading called 'Sleepover' - have any of you read it? She even used subordinating conjunctions to explain why she liked her characters, such as 'because'.

Some lovely pieces have been sent this week - I am so very proud. Keep it up, keep reading and try and make your bed this morning.

Love from

Miss McKeown x

Wednesday 29th April 2020 

Good morningggg Class 8! Today is Wednesday so we are right in the middle of the week. I hope you have enjoyed the first two days of Week 4 learning. Later on today at 2pm there is a Sing n Shine live choir lesson you can join in, check the link above if you fancy it and have a go - I think I might have to tune in to warm up my own vocal cords...

  • Marika had a busy day yesterday, filling in her Comprehension and completing work on Expanded noun phrases, such as 'cheesy, yummy, sandwhich.' Well done!
  • Tobias sent me an email yesterday of his amazing Easter Garden that you can also see on the schools Twitter - it was fantastic! He also completed a detailed account of the Resurrection using adverbs, fronted adverbials and similes. Great stuff!
  • Ryan F has been extremely busy these past few weeks, completing his multiplication and division tests up to Test 13, and creating a lovely Romans fact-file. Very impressive!
  • Oliver was busy baking some delicious cookies yesterday that looked amazing! He also completed some more short division - which is a great idea that I can encourage everyone else to have a good go at.
  • Cillian wrote some fantastic instructions for how to plant a sunflower seed, complete with images, illustrations and top tips - all key features of an instruction text - very well done!
  • Callum K has been very helpful at home, making his own bed, helping make dinner, and reading his stories to his little brother. These are the important life skills which now is a great time to start learning. 
  • Emily created a brilliant life cycle of a plant based on a new word she found the definition to - photosynthesis - I wonder if anyone else knows what that means? She also created an instruction text with lots of imperative verbs and numbered steps, very impressive.

Did you make your own bed this morning? If you haven't yet, maybe you could give it a try! Take a look at the growth mindset sheet if you're struggling with things to keep busy, or take a look at TTRS or Oxford Owl. 

Stay safe and keep smiling,

Love from

Miss McKeown x 

Tuesday 28th April 2020 

Good morning lovely children, I hope you are all doing well and enjoyed the first day back from the Easter holidays. I have left a message above about a choir practice you can get involved with tomorrow if you are interested. Make sure you also take the time to read Mr Burke's mission for this week.

It's not as great weather today, so this might give you some more time to do some indoor activities, such as Joe Wicks or even some Cosmic Yoga. 

  • Emily was busy yesterday, planting bulbs in hanging baskets - that will look fabulous! She has also completed some of her Maths and English - very well done Emily. 
  • James was busy over the holidays riding his bike and making some bunting decorations in his window for St Georges Day - it looked amazing from the photos!
  • George received a tweet from a celebrity over the holdiays, Carol Voderman herself! WOW! It was because of his fantastic Maths work with her online programme. 

Today would be the perfect day to cuddle up with a book and catch up on some reading. Have a look at OXFORD Owl if you don't fancy reading any of the books you already have - or there are plenty of audio books you can find online. I have uploaded a document below for your adults with tips they might find helpful for when they are listening to you read. 


I hope you find this useful. 

Take care, wash your hands and stay positive today, it is not always easy when the weather is so glum!

Missing you all lots.

Love from,

Miss McKeown x

Monday 27th April 2020 

Good morning Class 8! It feels like forever since I last posted on this page - the Easter holidays seem like they went on for longer than normal! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and got to enjoy the sunshine - it has been beautiful the past week, I have been in the garden every day. 


Have a look at the Week 4 Learning Mat and see what you would like to have a go at this week. Email me your favourite pieces of work - you don't need to email everything. There is some project work relating to our Plants topic which would be great for you to have a go at if you have any seeds lying around. You can also work through any text books you have took home with you at your own pace. 


Please also take a look at Mr Burke's mission message for this week at the top of the page. 

Have a lovely Monday and tune in for Joe Wicks, Spelling frame practice and TTRS. 


Keep safe, 

Miss McKeown x