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Christ The King Catholic Primary School Learning, growing and praying together with Christ Our King

Week 7

Friday 22nd May 2020 

Good morning angels, can you believe it is Friday already? You have made it through another week of home learning and I couldn't be any prouder. We are also now one week closer to the finish line, which can't come soon enough! I hope you all got to enjoy the lovely weather again yesterday, it was so beautiful again! 

I have two very special mentions this morning for our awards. As always, it was tricky to choose with what I have seen you all achieve but there can only be two. 

It is a very special day on Sunday for one of our friends, it is actually Maye's birthday on the 24th...Happy birthday to youuuu, happy birthday to youuu, happy birthday dear Maye happy birthday to you! Have a lovely day Maye, we miss you so much! 


I  just had a look at the TTRS result and we are doing well but it ends in 8 hours so we need to be absolutely smashing it today. Class 8 are currently tenth out of all schools participating which is good, but I know also in Class 8 we have some of the best TTRS players so it would be great if you could spend a few extra minutes on there today. 


We have now finished over 118 books on Get EPIC which is fabulous, take a look at the Class 8 home page for the code and get logged on today and enjoy reading some of the fantastic books they have on there. 


Thank you so so much for all of your hard work these past few weeks children, and thank you x10000 to the adults who are supporting. You deserve to take this week now as a rest to relax with your families and enjoy the time you have with each other. I will be thinking of you all in my prayers. I will speak to you again now on here on Monday 1st June. 


Stay safe, stay positive and remember to be kind. 

Missing you all terribly, 

Lots of love 

Miss McKeown xxx 



Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning lovelies,

It’s Thursday today and also a Holy Day of Obligation for the Ascension of our Lord. Please try to tune in at 9.30 for Mass, as we would be attending in school.

Did you all enjoy the weather yesterday? It was so warm still when I came home from school, I couldn’t take Bella out until later in the evening because it was too hot for her paws!

I had a look at the MAC battle and as of yesterday Class 8 were third out of the three classes in CTK,  but now we have slipped back down to fourth. Any time you have a few extra minutes spare today, please please log on to have a quick play as we are only a few points behind fourth place!

I better rush now, as I don’t want to miss the start of Mass! I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine, it is such a mood booster in times like this!

Keep safe,

Love from

Miss McKeown xxx

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning superstars, I hope you are all okay and are enjoying your week so far. It's Wednesday today so we do not have long left until Friday when we take another break.

In the meantime, that also means we only have 3 days left to get ourselves on TTRS to get up that leader board, and now I'm not too competitive usually...but this has really brought out a competitive streak in me, we NEED to win! Or at least be top three would be fabulous...


It also means we only have three days left to send in your Science Fair entries so they can be judged. Please make sure you are answering a scientific question and in some way presenting your findings.


Tomorrow (Thursday) is a Holy Day of Obligation which means we should try very hard to get to Mass, if we were in school we would be going, so it would be so lovely if you could all join as a school family at 9.30. I know I will be watching, so we will be all together in a way!

We also have the Sing n Shine session today at 2pm as it is a Wednesday on the Armonic Consort YouTube channel, so if you fancy a sing song join in with that. I'm in school today so I definitely will be stretching my vocal chords to join in with that one!
I hope you all have a lovely day and get to enjoy that marvellous sunshine, I am in the classroom and it is so so warm already, imagine if it was filled with 30 children how extra warm it would have been today! Make sure you wear some suncream and put on your sun hat...
Lots of love, missing you all so so much

Miss McKeown xx


Tuesday 19th May 2020 

Good morning lovely children, I hope you are all well and had a good Monday. The sun is going to be shining at different points today, so hopefully you have a chance to get outside. Try to do something you enjoy today and keep positive, I know it is difficult especially considering last weekend we would have all been celebrating our First Holy Communions. 

Yesterday Miss Sullivan emailed us adults with the results so far of the Holy Cross Mac Competition. We are neck in neck at the minute with St John Vianney, and out of all the classes at CTK Class 8 are coming in fourth! This is great but I feel like we can do even better, come on now lets get to the top of that leaderboard, any type of game play for at least 10 minutes, let's do it!


I have noticed many of you have logged onto Get Epic which is fantastic. We reached our 100 books mark this morning so I would like to thank all of the children who have logged on the past week. Big well done to you for using this great resource. 


Remember you are set activities on Mathletics each week for you to have a look at, and I check you scores to see how you got on before I look at what to assign you next week. It helps me to see what you are finding easy or tricky so please take a look. 


Have a lovely day, and remember we are one day closer to the finish line.

Lots of love, 

Miss McKeown xxx 

Monday 18th May 2020 

Good morning Class 8! Today is Monday and we are kicking off on Week 7 of home learning. Take a look at the learning mat and have a think about what you can complete independently first, without an adults help. Please remember if you find anything tricky, I am just an email away. Or if you find something too challenging, take the time to do something you enjoy.

Have any of you logged onto Scratch yet? If you watch the online tutorial on the website, I bet you will find you remember lots of the tricks we were taught on how to use it. 

Science Fair entries have been coming through, keep going you have enough time to complete one still. It is great to see so many of you using TTRS. Keep going, I know we can be in the top 3 at least!

Have a lovely week and keep in touch.

Love from 

Miss McKeown xx