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Year 6 Assessment

Changes to the 2016 KS2 SAT’s Assessments


In the academic year 2014/15 a new curriculum framework was introduced for years 1,3,4 and 5. Years 2 and 6, due to statutory testing, continued to study the previous curriculum for one further year. Children in years 2 and 6 are now expected to study this new national curriculum.  Year 6 will complete these more rigorous tests reflecting the changes to the national curriculum and the new higher expectations.


The Assessments

Key Stage 2 SATs take place nationally in the week commencing 14th May 2018.

Statutory tests will be administered in the following subjects:


o Reading (60 minutes)

o Spelling (approximately 15 minutes)

o Punctuation, Vocabulary and Grammar (45 minutes)

o Mathematics

- Paper 1: Arithmetic (30 minutes)

- Paper 2: Reasoning (40 minutes)

- Paper 3: Reasoning (40 minutes)


In addition, some schools will be required to take part in Science testing, consisting of three tests in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Not all schools will take part in this sampling, which takes place on a later date.


All tests are externally marked.


Writing will be ‘Teacher Assessed’ internally, as in recent years.


From this year there won’t be any separate tests for the most able children. Instead each test will have scope for higher attaining pupils to show their strengths.



The results will be reported to you as a scaled score and not a level as in previous years. You will be informed of your child’s raw score in each assessment. This raw score will then be converted to a scaled score using a conversion table.


On publication of the test results in July 2018:

• A child awarded a scaled score of 100 is judged to have met the ‘national standard’ in the area judged by the test.

• A child awarded a scaled score of more than 100 is judged to have exceeded the national standard and demonstrated a higher than expected knowledge of the curriculum for their age.

• A child awarded a scaled score of less than 100 is judged to have not yet met the national standard and performed below expectation for their age.


The scale will not be constructed in advance of the children completing the tests. Therefore we do not currently know what raw score a child must get to achieve the national standard.




Your child’s score for writing will be teacher assessed using evidence collated from their work across the school year. Results will be reported as either, working towards national expectations, working at national expectations and working at greater depth.